praying, Thursday, April 2, 2020!

I am in the greater Sacramento area for some time.

There is a police car of a local police helping be present for security at a local grocery store. If you wish, pray that God bless and protect the police officer who drives this car! This police officer and I have traded smiles.

Depending on the officer and the context and whether he or she is out of the car, and depending on when and where I am walking or nearby, we may greet or smile or not greet. This officer is a woman with some reddish brown hair.

No police officers in this area have been unfriendly, but I am not sure if I have been able to greet each of them and bless each of them. Some of them are a little more self-absorbed than the others, but it is the nature of their work to be mentally occuppied at times.

Yesterday there was a regular guy in a red car who waved or gave me a gesture of greeting and welcome as we passed each other or were near each other in the parking lot of this grocery store. If you wish, pray that God bless and protect him!

I have been trying to cancel or reduce unnecessary expenses and it appears that I have Netflix and Audible subscriptions which last another few weeks.

There is the TV series or the movie or movies entitled “Lost Girls.”

Lost Girls is the story of a mom who has gone searching for her daughter. The daughter was being a naughty young lady, or a sex worker, it appears. She is alleged, by some, to have been killed in some part of New York. Because the mom continued to make a stink with the police departments about her missing daughter, one of them did some searching and then police found the bodies or graves of 4 women buried near where the daughter of adult age who went missing.

The daughter of the agitated mom seems to have been named Shannan Gilbert. The mom was in a lot of distress for a while when the police seemed to be not taking her or the daughter’s disappearance seriously.

Several years after the events of the movie, the mom was herself killed by stabbing, by another of the daughters of the mom, who is alleged to have had schizophrenia.

If you wish, pray that girls and women not be abducted, abused or murdered in the bad ways that took away Shannan Gilbert and some of the others who were found dead in the unmarked graves on Oak Beach.

For a while the police in the Shannan Gilbert case claimed they believed that Shannan had died by drowning rather than being killed by the bad actor who was killing and burying a number of women. I could be wrong, but that still seems to be an undecided question.

God help Trump and Newsom and the various other public health officers to make wise and good decisions, and help save lives, as would be good!

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