praying Thursday, April 23, 2020!

There is a nice and cheerful sanitation cleaner at the local Safeway. Her name is Cassidy though at times she also helps bag groceries, I believe. If you wish, pray that God bless and protect her!

If you wish, pray that God bless and protect Camila Cabello! She has some fun and nice music videos! One of her music videos reminds me of some lies told in a trial I know of!

I do not usually read CNN, but with the lockdowns I have a lot more time on my hands than usual! I read CNN from time to time now, even though it is not the first of my choices for news!

CNN covers an important topic today, which is the wrongful conviction and exoneration of Richard Philips. Philips was in prison for about 46 on a false conviction based on the testimony of a single witness who intentionally told falsehoods in order to get a lesser sentence from the prosecution, in any convictions for his own crimes.

The Bible says to go by the testimony of 2 or 3 witnesses, and not a single witness. Tis pretty bad that some juries and or some judges are not willing to apply the Bible rule and thereby have put a number of innocent people in prison. There are several others who were likewise convicted based on the testimony of a single false witness, among them Brian Banks the football player and the man in the movie Conviction.

If you wish, pray for Richard Philips and for Brian Banks that God make things up to them and help them! If you wish, pray for any and all who have been wrongly convicted of crimes of which they are innocent!

If it matters, there is some 50/50 chance it seems that the city of Seattle will be again putting me on trial, for the 3rd time, in 4 to 8 months, in a case in which I believe that I was innocent and that the primary witness and alleged victim is a very bad liar.

If you wish, pray that justice and right be done!

Here is the Liar music video by Cabello! It is fun to see her try to tell lies and then be stopped in various ways. She cannot speak . . . or drones attack her . . . or various minor calamities befall her! Or, there are “the truth police” who arrest her!

The Bible and Jesus say that the truth comes out, so, if some of you wish, pray that the truth be known in my case and in any others of alleged innocent persons being convicted!

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