praying Wednesday, April 1, 2020!

If you wish or would, pray that God help things go smoothly as I apply for and presumably receive unemployment benefits. I assume that things will go easily and smoothly, but I will be happy for any of you to be praying that God help solve any financial needs I have in the next 8 months!

There is the helpful store clerk named Quincy and when I blessed him today, he replied to me with God bless you also. I would guess that he is Christian or at least prays and believes in God in some way!

There are a variety of police officers who are in shifts often at the grocery store which is now my new favorite grocery store for some things. Generally there is only one at a time but I think they have 2 or maybe 3 when they are changing shifts. Not all grocery stores have a police officer on site, but this store where I am does.

I blessed the police officer while greeting him earlier and he was happy and thankful about that!

There is a firefighter in Seattle who has anger, animosity and perhaps hatred for me, for no just cause. If you wish, pray that God show him the right way and also take from him any power of his to injure me!

The country, USA, is probably in the process of deciding if and when to lift the lockdown, and also people are seeking a solution or help with the coronavirus. You may be aware that Bill Gates believes that it may well take 6 to 10 weeks of lockdown to fight or resolve the virus, followed by other measures.

If you wish, pray that God help Trump and those around him to make wise decisions and help America to resolve the threat of the coronavirus-19.

I have a friendly acquaintance named Gabby Jacobson or Jacobsen. If you wish, pray that God bless and protect her!

I have a friendly acquaintance named An. If you wish, pray that God bless and protect her, if God can!

I thought more about Christians and their thoughts on the topic of horror movies. I felt bad in the last 3 weeks that people in the USA have not been well-prepared or that I was not wisely prepared for our current minor disaster with the coronavirus making a mess of things.

I realized that I do love and have always watched a number of disaster movies. These are the movies such as Titanic (1997), Deepwater Horizon (2016), the Poseidon Adventure (1972), Everest (2015), Pearl Harbor (2001), the stories of WWI and of WWII, and the series the Last Ship on TNT.

I enjoyed seeing or thinking about warning signs that some people had before their disasters, in the movies Titanic, Deepwater Horizon and Everest. I skipped most zombie movies and series, other than the World War Z movie.

If I remember right, long ago there was a book entitled, Lightning Strikes Twice; the first time is warning.

It looks as if Bill Gates was right when he suggested that SARS and Ebola should have been a warning and a wake up call for us for a potential pandemic, for which we were not prepared!

In any case, it seems that horror movies are a form of a disaster movie. At least some Christians watch or produce disaster movies!

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