praying Wednesday, Feb 12, 2020!

If any of you wish, pray for the woman in the bikini at the gym I saw yesterday!

If any of you wish, pray for the girl in shorts near the school I saw yesterday!

If any of you wish, pray for the girl in the fun stockings I saw yesterday!

If any of you wish, pray for Faye Swetlik in South Carolina, whom the news says is only 6 and has been missing for two days! Pray that God help her and God help her family to find her!

If it is not a burden, continue to pray for Stephanie and consider the testimony of Kevin Quick in the book Pilgrimage out of the Watchtower. People prayed for him for a number of years and were praying for him at some distance. For many years he was unaware of many of the people who had been praying for him. After a time, he was seized with a desire to study the Bible more carefully.

The kids of Berkeley–or some of them–are still seriously unhappy with what they believe is a lack of progress in terms of the admin reacting in helpful ways to reports of sexual attacks. They had another protest or march or something outside the school yesterday morning, when they would have normally been in class, or so it seems that they did.

If there were more Christian influence in the town, would there be less rape and less attempted rape among the kids of middle school and the high school? The local news stations have reported on some of the personal incidents being shared and I think the news has reported on one person relating being raped in one of the local middle schools here in Berkeley.

I emailed staff of the Berkeley high school recommending that they begin to include a women’s self defense class and some martial arts and self-defense classes in the PE classes, if they have not already done so, but the staff of Berkeley has not replied to me about that idea!

If you wish, pray for any of the girls who have been raped or subjected to attempted rape. Pray that God make things up to them and that God give them wisdom! Pray that God lead some of the guys or wiser young ladies in the school to be willing to help protect the women and girls who are dumb or have placed themselves or gotten into danger or are getting into danger.

Note that Berkeley high school seems to have no Christian student clubs.

You folks do realize that a person could share the faith simply by having lunch in the park across from the school and praying for the kids in the vicinity?

That is not what God has called me to do at this time . . . but if there were more Christians and some of them were evangelistically minded in this area, there are several good spots to be and wait and pray for people!

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