On and off in the last 9 months I have though about the beginning of the story of Abraham.  God supposedly says to Abraham to go to a land that God shall show him and as a result God would make Abraham into a great nation and bless him. Genesis 12:1-3.

In my life I have prayed for various things which have not been done and others have told me God would do various things which in my view have not been done.  In fact, sometimes I have made a list of a the things God has not done and I have told other that my life is the story of what God has not done!

For what it matters, among other things, I have prayed that God would give me wisdom and help me know how to live, and also help me do what is right and not hurt other people.

Anyway, in praying today, I asked God if there was something he would like me to do and if so, what.  I have asked this kind of question in the past, but not always with the story of Abraham in mind.

The Bible says that God is supposed to give wisdom to all who ask, and it seems to me that God has not done that for me.  James 1:5. The Bible says that God will put his laws in the hearts of the children of Israel and it also seems to me that God has not done that very well.  Hebrews 10:16.

At times I have listed a prayer request at asking that those who wished would pray that God help me to know if anything was worth caring about in my life.  I think that there were very few or no persons who prayed that way for me, at least as known by my receiving a little email notification that a person would normally receive when posting a prayer request at

People seem to be more willing to pray that God would heal me or help me find healing, than that I would know if there was anything worth caring about in life!


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