re a series of rapes at Mountlake High school & girls self-defense classes

The student run newspaper website of Mountlake Terrace has an article up about a male student having raped one or more of the female students. The website is There may well be up to 7 female students that this one male student has raped. Things came to light after a dad checked his daughter’s cell phone and found incriminating messages. I am not sure that checking the cell phone of a teenager is always a good idea, but in this case, it appears to have been helpful.

I visited the online student newspaper after a student staff reporter interviewed me about weapons possession and weapons carry. I am waiting expectantly to see the article with parts of the interview!

The principal of MLT high school is named Greg Schwab. I believe he has some questions to answer about a possible absence in the curriculum re women’s self defense.

Here is my comment, awaiting moderation:

It appears from this article that Krause has raped between 1 and 7 young women students of the school. One of the girls, while being raped, apparently was crying and saying no.

Would it help some of you and the kids to take some women’s self-defense classes which give ideas on how to respond to abductions, rapes and attempted rapes? Around the same time as you folks have this news, there was also in the news the story of Kelly Herron who was running in Seattle and who stopped in a bathroom in a Seattle park. She was attacked and she fought back and she continued fighting back for a bit till she was able to escape.

A few weeks earlier she had taken a 90-minute self-defense class with encouragement and ideas about how to respond by fighting the guy off or to the point that he has given up.

Should I make the guess that martial arts or women’s self-defense or even a 1 day class or a 2-hour self-defense class was not a part of the curriculum at Mountlake?
A year or two ago, it was in the news that two men had attempted to abduct or grab two young girls of Denny Middle School ages while the 2 young ladies were walking. A short time later, the principal of Denny Middle School sent out a letter with recommendations to the parents and kids. The recommendations included avoiding certain parks. The recommendations made no reference to taking a self-defense class or going to the martial arts studio or to using the natural weapons found in one’s purse or bag. If I recall correctly, the letter made no suggestions on good ways to fight back.

Now, you folks have a student run newspaper and that means you get to discuss topics without pre-approval from the administration. You get to run the news of a series of rapes by a classmate on other classmates, without the principal approving or disapproving the topic.

OK . . . so, has it occurred to some of you to take a self-defense class or go to martial arts school or to learn or practice how to fight back? If so, then, the next time an evil-doer begins a series of six rapes of students, the first or second girl might yank his ear, gouge his eye or scratch him enough that he or she is marked and the whole thing comes to light before the guy gets to rape #7.

What if the guy tries to beat you up? If you go for a few months to the martial arts place, he will be at a severe disadvantage to you. However, even if you do not and you fight and he bangs you up, you will likely feel great satisfaction in knowing that you fought and every fight during a rape dramatically increases the chances that the guy will be stopped before he goes on to rape the next girl. If you get banged up and miss 3 days of school from blood and bruises, other girls in the school should thank you, because the police will find him and take him away before he gets to raping them.

Kelly Herron of Seattle says that, even if the man who desired to rape her had had a gun, she would have fought. Most rapes and attempted rapes are not that extreme, however and about 90% of them are done without a gun or a knife.

So . . . since at least some schools teach at least some self-defense or martial arts in PE at school . . . some eager journalist could call the principal or assistant principal and say, “Hey, what is our training in fighting back when a guy is starting to rape us?” At least, in this article, I don’t notice any discussion of that . . . and I don’t even read of the principal sending out a letter with ideas on how to avoid rape by classmates, and such ideas including avoiding walking in the park. . . Oh . . . my . . .

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