Re alleged messages from God, prophecies and spiritual impressions

From 1996 to 2007 I had a series of people who in various ways gave to me what they called messages from God or spiritual impressions or whatever equivalent phrase it was that they used.  The messages seem to have generally been very wrong.

I recently wrote an email to one woman who in 2006 said she felt in the Spirit some particular thing about my life which has not happened.  Or, if it has happened in some slight way, the fulfillment of her message or impression is so slight as to be nearly unrecognizable as a fulfillment of her impression.

Anyway, I wrote a long post to her . . . because there are some persons who might read this who are in churches or among one or more groups of people in which there are prophecies, here are some of my experiences and reflections.  Basically, it appears that most messages supposed or alleged to be from God or the Spirit, tend to be wrong . . . and in the absence of some internal witness or in the absence of confirmation by miracles or inexplicable signs, I tend to think they should be disregarded.

Here is the post I wrote to her . . .

Thanks for saying hello and please forgive my not paying further attention to your email of reply to me back in 2014.

  I just now decided to read it and comment.  Back in 2014 I was mad at you and others who have claimed to have had messages or impressions from God to me or about me, and I did not read your email.  I have intermittently been angry with you or others who have shared messages or impressions supposedly from God and which generally do not come to pass.  Or, if God Himself was responsible for such messages and impressions, I have been somewhat angry at God, but I don’t know enough to know if it is actually God who has been responsible for such messages and impressions.  By comparison I am calmer now about these messages and impressions allegedly from God

The conversation we had was back in the middle of 2006.

To my mild irritation, and to what appears to the normal result of people prophesying some good thing about my life, the message you gave to me, or the impression that you relayed to me, has not come to pass, so far as I can determine.

Since the impression you said you had was that God would soon show me that he loved me or that I would soon know God’s love for me or something approximately equivalent to that, I think I would know if it has come to pass.

At the time of our conversation back in 2006, you may recall that I gave you grief about what seemed to be a series of messages or impressions others have shared with me that have not come to pass or been even close.

The message or impression has not come to pass, if I recall it accurately and speaking so far as I know.  I have doubts and questions about God very similar to the doubts and questions that I had been in 2006, although I have not recently been praying or wishing to die, as I often wished back in 2006.

So far as I know, I am not closer to God, but I don’t know if that is correct.  Maybe I am closer, slightly, to God without knowing it!

I get caned from time to time; that is a mild difference in my walk with God, but I don’t know if that is actually helpful to a person spiritually.

Now I basically assume that if and when a person claims to have a message from God for me or a spiritual impression allegedly from God for me, that God should give me strong evidence that the message or impression is from God, by means of one or more miracles of some type . . . because the impression conveyed by you (in the middle of 2006) and some messages of others, supposedly from God to me, before and after 2006, were really wrong as best I can determine.

Because there have been some weird coincidences in my life in 2012 and then a few more in 2013, I somewhat believe that God is able and willing to communicate with at least some people by signs.  By signs I mean either miracles or a series of inexplicable or unreasonably unlikely coincidences or conjunctions of events that seem to have a meaning. So, there are 2 mild differences in my walk with God in the last 8 years . . . but God does not seem to be in any hurry to communicate with me anything further, especially on the topic of his love for me.  I do ask God from time to time if God loves everybody or just some people, and God has not said anything on that subject.


Were these coins the result of a throw or were they placed there?  They are all in a line and they are all heads . . .  God or I or someone placed a set of six quarters in a line face up.  Some people in China have for centuries cast sticks and read meanings into how they come up.

A few weeks ago, I asked God about four questions and figured I would give him the opportunity to suggest an answer, and I expected six out of six quarters to come up heads for a yes.   By the way, I wouldn’t do that with all kinds of questions . . . but some kinds, I did at least do that, in which the consequence of being right or wrong was not particularly bad so far as we know, but on which God might wish to say something to me.

When I cast the coins, there were no sets in which all six quarters came up as heads.  There was one casting that was close, but no cigar.  God does not seem to communicate to me inwardly much in a way I can recognize, but it has happened over the last 5 years that weird coincidences have come up, seemingly in answer to a question or concern I had.

For what it matters, with respect to the peculiar and weird coincidences, none of them involved castings quarters with a meaning given to a particular batch of heads and tails . . . the “coincidences” were events in life that related to questions or concerns I had at the time.

Back in the first six months, approximately, of 2007, I spent several hours a day, while lying in bed, praying and pondering the question as to how to understand approximately five messages (or impressions) given to me, supposedly from God, through others.  Whether this is a correct conclusion on my part to come to, I do not know, but in light of 5 out of 5 messages or impressions having been wrong and having been given to me, I tend to think and expect God to do more outwardly in terms of miracles and signs, if God wishes me to pay attention to them.

God unfortunately does not tell me personally, inwardly, whether or not to pay attention to such messages or impressions, or to know if such messages or impressions were actually of God, although I repeatedly asked God about that, over a number of months . . . and prayed and pondered nearly every night for several hours for months, to have clarity on that topic.

So, now, if and when someone says he or she has a message or impression from God for me, I just tell them that a lot of people have said that and been wrong . . . and unless God is willing to do some miracles to authenticate the message, why should I believe them about their message or impression?

Of course, it is hypothetically possible that in the next five or ten years, that God might show me His love for me or that He loves me . . .  I am not in a position to say it won’t happen . . .

I write posts at a blog I have created.  The chief purpose of the blog is on the topic of my walking at Greenlake park in Seattle in skimpy undies, but the blog includes posts on some other topics.

In my experience so far, God has been mostly uncommunicative . . . I supposed it is always possible that in some future year, when I am getting caned or whipped and in a lot more pain that usual, that God might show up with some bit of information for me or about me or that would be helpful and useful.  Supposedly, at least for some people, God has shown up with help or messages more frequently when those persons were in pain or distress. But, absent that . . . or absent God’s showing up when I am not being whipped, I try to enjoy life slightly and mildly, while waiting to die, cause I find it hard to imagine a reason to live that God or others would be likely to consider a sufficient reason to live.

I am not depressed in the usual or psychological sense that people commonly consider or define depression . . .  I work; I get up; I do things; I have mild plans and goals; it is fun to think that if I exercise I will have a cute butt and some people who see me at Greenlake will enjoy it.

If I were to be diagnosed with cancer and to have some option to treat it, would I try to treat the cancer for the purpose of living?  I don’t know; I would have to think about that.

There are people who have near death experiences and some of them, when having the experience, are enabled to choose or given a choice as to whether or not to stay “dead” or resume life on earth.  Kathy Latrelle, if I recall her name correctly, was undergoing an operation and found herself outside of her body reviewing her life and wondering if she should stay dead or return to life on earth.  She couldn’t decide for a while; she had had a hard life.  She remembered dirt bike riding and that was still not enough for her to decide if she should live or die.  Then she remembered her dog Toofer and she realized that if she were to stay dead that her dog Toofer would also die and she choose to live for the sake of her dog Toofer.

Sometimes when I have spoken with some people about my life, I have said, I have no dog named Toofer.

Kathy Latrelle in her near death experience says that she saw some visual representation of her life as had been before her NDE and how it would be after her choice to stay dead or to return to life.

I suppose that if and when I have a similar experience to the experience of Kathy Latrelle, that I would wonder about the reliability of the representation of my life to come, or any promises made by God, Jesus or others, if any . . .  If God or Jesus or angels or guides were to have some conversation with me during a time that I was having what some call a near-death experience . . . and if I were making a choice staying dead or returning to life on earth . . .  I would ask God, Jesus, the angels or guides or others, what sort of promises, if any, they had made to me before my life on earth starting in 1959, and how those promises had turned out . . . because people tend to make promises to me and people make promises to me on God’s behalf or supposedly speaking for God or giving their impressions from the Spirit of God, and most of those promises and impressions look like they have been really wrong.  So, if and when I see God and Jesus, one thing I may be asking them, is how reliable their promises are.

I don’t mean to be difficult . . . but if God and Jesus really are or were responsible for the batch of messages and impressions I have been given by others, supposedly from God or from the Spirit of God, then I would tend to conclude that God is not very reliable or does not know people in general very well or does not know me well enough to tell the future outcome of some basic aspects of my life.

According to the Bible, God supposedly knows us well enough to tell the future of our lives accurately . . . In my experience, messages given to me from God supposedly through others seem to be very badly wrong.

Anyway, now, messages supposedly from God or impressions people say they have from the Spirit of God, need to be confirmed by miracles or inexplicable signs.  There are way too many of them, the faulty and false messages and the vast majority of them have been wrong, if they have been of anything more significant than an item such as “I see you traveling a lot in your future.”  By the way, the sentence, “I see you traveling a lot in your future,” or some similar sentence, was in fact given to me or shared with me by a fellow, without any more or less spiritual signficance.  This “message” or “impression” is one of the two or three that was actually right . . . cause a few years afterwards I spent a lot of time in and out of California rather than Washington.  And at the time of the mesage/impression, there was no inclination or reason for me to be traveling out of state.

There was no apparent spiritual significance to the message . . . even after I found the guy several years later and let him know that he had been right about my traveling and being out of the state . . . and even after I wondered if God might actually use him to give me some truthful and spiritually meaningful message and I even gently suggested to him that if he had something else to say, he could say it . . .

If we were to deduce something about God and foreknowledge from my life, we might suppose that God knows my future travel plans and maybe even aspects of my work, but God or the people speaking on God’s behalf are consistently wrong about my relationship with God or things I might do for God or God do for me . . .  Or if they are somewhat right, their messages are really only for the distant and perhaps meaninglessly distant future.

A few months ago I visited a church in which people believe they have visions and hear from God or have impressions.  Shortly before the end of the service a man approaches me with a vision he says he has had about my life.  I say approximately that people have said this kind of thing to me before and generally they are wrong and I also asked him if it happens much that he has messages or impressions that are wrong, and he admitted that he did or had such wrong or faulty or not meaningful messages.

So, a message such as you gave me, or an impression you conveyed to me supposedly from the Spirit . . . you seem to be wrong . . . and when I receive such messages in the future, I expect God to do miracles, or not bother me with the messages, cause they are so frequently wrong.

Maybe when I am being caned and whipped and I am screaming and yelling and have been yelling for 30 minutes or more . . . and God shows up with some helpful information or advice . . . maybe then He will include showing me his love for me . . . or explaining some of the other things various other people have said on God’s behalf to me.

Maybe . . . who am I to say it won’t happen . . . but as for some other fulfillment of your idea/message/impression from the Spirit, it has not been happening. . . and it sure is not happening fast.


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