recreating the Knights Templar in America

I think there needs to be a creation or recreation of the Knights Templar in America.

The reason is that there are several overlapping groups and movements which are using violence to attack people for beliefs, expressions of belief, for merely being white or for being a Good Samaritan.  These attacks have usually occurred in BLM protests, rallies  and riots, but are not limited to these areas.

Kris Kime was killed in Seattle for being a Good Samaritan.  As with many other situations, police were on a perimeter and did not and would not enter the area of the riots.  Kime was carried out by civilians while still barely alive and died shortly thereafter.

David Palmer, a military veteran, was badly beaten in Charlotte for having the bad luck of being white while leaving a restaurant in the area of BLM protests.  Black thugs had been beating up other people.  They saw him, attacked him and left him in need of surgery.

The police response to some protests, marches and rallies is to watch on a perimeter.  This kind of response was used at the Seattle Mardi Gras riot, at Seattle MayDay riots and at many BLM protests in various cities.

Police are on the perimeter and the protest or march gets violent.  Police tend to not enter the perimeter and the protest may become violent and police do not feel that they are in a good position to use the proper force to stop the violence.  Those doing violence are mixed in with a crowd of people who are sympathetic but less obviously guilty.

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