red dots and Alki walking, Sunday, August 19, 2018

In response to some changing privacy laws, a festival organizer of a recent festival in the Netherlands can up with the idea of those who did not wish to be recognizable in any photos taken at it by festival organizers and those affiliated with them to wear a red dot or lipstick spot on his or her forehead.

It was some sort of cooking or culinary festival . . .

There were 70,000 persons who went to the festival . . . there were 3 persons who wore a red dot so far as they know . . .

the news is found at

I walked at Alki on Saturday and Sunday.

On Sunday’s walk, while I was headed east on Alki Av or Harbor Av, there were 3 young women on skates or roller blades or a scooter moving back and forth at various times.

I saw them on their first approach coming towards me and I stopped to take their photo. Young lady of the group probably recognizes that I have taken a photo of them. I flash “V” sign with my hand in greeting and recognition.

Young lady smiles or grins; the intensity of the smile or grin is not certain. Some people laugh or smile slightly when nervous.

However . . . we have the following details . . .

I was walking eastwards on Alki or Harbor Ave . . . the “girls” or young women head west towards me and go past me (first pass, with photos) . . . and then turn around and head eastwards passing me from behind. . . and then at 30 to 50 feet away, they turn again and head westwards again . . .

In the space of 6 minutes, they had given me, or (anyone else at the spot where I was), intentionally or inadvertently, 3 different opportunities to take their photos, some from the front and some from behind . . . without having to turn my head or change my orientation . . .

Well, I think we can safely say that they were not overly afraid of passing by my position on the path for bikes and roller blades.

But who is to say?

Maybe it is their favorite spot for back and forth skating or roller blading . . .

Or, they thought it would be fun to see if I would take their photos a 2nd or a 3rd time!

But I only did 2 sets! God bless them for being nice, pretty and cheerful!









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