reducing rapes among kids of school age

Greetings Erin the principal of Berkeley High School.

I have seen the news of the protests and the concern re the school’s response with respect to allegations of rape, attempted rape and other forms of molestation.

On the possibility that it would perhaps be of use to you, I would make one suggestion that might reduce part of the problem that you face, and one which may have been neglected in the list of demands that I read that some students have provided to you.

Academic studies have been and done and repeatedly found that some simple forms of womens self-defense and danger awareness classes will dramatically reduce rape and attempted rape. The numbers are in the are of about 1/2 reduction in rapes and about 2/3 reduction in attempted rape and the numbers hold both for college aged women and for those of high school students.

Many schools have a variety of PE classes and many schools lack a basic women’s self-defense class (open to both or all genders) and many schools lack some training in other basic self-defense or martial arts.

Please note that the first place to look for studies which demonstrate the reduction in rape rates are with EAAA studies, of which there are, by now, many. There has been at least one similar program done in those school age, rather than among the college aged youth, with the same results.

If you did offer something, you would have modify the EAAA to make it fitting for both men and women, or adopt and adapt a similar program, such as is offered at Bellevue community college. You would be aware that it is probably not legal and it would be counterproductive to restrict the class to only the girls!

If you have questions about the effective of such programs, or how to create one for the school, email me back or consider setting an appointment for us to get together!

God bless you! The God of peace be with you!

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