reflections on recent walks with the katana

Not sure if it matters, I was walking Monday 10/16/17 and was putting on my katana and belt on the Yesler Way parking part which over i-5 just before 4 in the afternoon.

An SPD patrol car drove past, a few feet away from me, without giving much, if any, noticeable extra attention.

I do not know if the patrol car was on the way to responding to a call, like many patrol vehicles are at times . . . or if the driver of the vehicle, like a significant part of spd in the north precinct or downtown, has chosen to tolerate peaceful, sheathed knife or sword carry.

A significant fraction of kids or teens who encounter me ask about the sword or to see or hold the sword. A minor fraction of the adults who converse with me ask about it, but the adults who ask about it is smaller as a proportion.

Since so many kids wish to see and hold the sword, at some point I will contribute to the well-being of society by giving them 2 minutes of gun safety instruction–the same kids who are intrigued with seeing or holding the sword might ones who would pick up a loaded handgun. But so far I have not got to that with any of the kids who have held the sword!

Given that the kids–or some fraction of them–like the idea of holding the sword, and many of these same kids would also pick up a loaded handgun at home, we would think that parents and schools would teach the kids that guns should be assumed to be loaded and to not point them or not touch them. Lars Larson was on the radio 2 days ago complaining about the fail to train and the death of a kid shot by a friend with a loaded shotgun.

While walking with the katana and with clip-boards for gathering signatures I have encountered or passed by several dozens of persons who work in the Seattle municipal court building and several handfuls of persons out of uniform who work in the SPD HQ building, though, while not being in a uniform of a police officer, one of them was wearing her ID badge for SPD. Some of these people I encountered while she or they were catching the bus in front of the jail building across from the King county admin building and some of them were outside the municipal court or police HQ building on a day on which there was either some fire drill or some evil-doing fire-alarm-prank in the Seattle municipal building, resulting in emptying the buildings and the fire department checking for the court building for fire, and also the arrival of an SPD patrol vehicle to control traffic as people went into or out of the building in large numbers. With most of such people, we did not chat about the katana; we chatted about her or their signing i940, though police-related persons tend to not wish to sign i940 . . .

On the day of the fire-drill-prank-problem or incipient arson in the municipal court building, there were 2 persons seemingly lawyers or law clerks or persons of similar training who signed i940 and who work in the Seattle municipal court building who signed i940 and then asked about the katana, and it turns out that both of them live near Greenlake. We got to laugh. They asked me why I was wearing the katana. I asked if they walked at Greenlake and if they knew who I was. From the question, “Do you know who I am?” they then realized that I was the person they “know” from Greenlake walks.

They wondered if I should think about the question of psychological harm; we were beginning to discuss that when people were let back into the Municipal court building, though I did say, “You know, I am not the only one who wears a thong at Greenlake.” But, they did add their thought for me to consider . . .

In any case, it is possible to empty or partly empty the SPD headquarters and SPD HQ occupants walk across the street to the city hall building, and for them, like 99.5% of all others, to choose to not be more concerned . . .

Some persons do carry weapons for evil-doing purposes, but people tend to make the guess that the sheathed swords and the unsheathed swords at PAX and Sakura con are sufficiently normal to not be an above average risk, especially when combined with calm demeanor and behavior.

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