Russian interference in the US election!

Today HRC, citing close and confidential sources in the CIA, revealed that the Anthony Weiner sexting situation was the work of Russian intelligence. Several years ago, Russian agents operating in the USA located and recruited a 14 year old American female with an interest in influencing the American elections in likely favor of the Republicans. Russian agents coached the female to cultivate online relationships with several Democratic personalities and provided her with their email addresses. They were initially hoping that their work would ensnare a candidate for the US senate. Most of the contacts produced no response, but a chance encounter one day put the American female in touch with one “Anthony Weiner,” former Congressman.

The young lady did not know if she should proceed with the contacts, but continued at the encouragement of her Russian handlers.

Russian contact with the young lady was broken off after the CIA was found to be following certain Russian agents to a local public library where the agent and the young American lady would stand in line together & in code, they planned strategy while seeming to be checking out books.

The Clinton campaign promises that more details are soon to follow. Robby Mook says that his sources tell him that James Comey is already aware of the fact that the 15-year-old girl sexting with Weiner was actually working on behalf of the Russians at the time. Yet, Comey is obstinately pursuing a “search warrant” and frivolous email investigation of half a million emails, anyway. Mook says that Comey real reasons for his obstinate continuation of this strange investigation is that no one has promised to provide $1 million in campaign contributions for his nephew’s upcoming race for Missouri governor. Mook says that Comey was offered $3 million in government contracts for a cousin who does contracting in areas in need of rebuilding, but Comey expected both the $3 million in contracts and $1 and campaign contributions for his nephew. After talks between Comey and others broke down, Comey sent a troubling letter to several Congressmen about the need to investigate the 50,000 or so emails believed to be on one of the laptops of Weiner.

So, there we have it. These recent days of news are the work of the Russians, together with a minor glitch in the coordination with certain public officials.

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