Sacramento and Coronavirus

I am in Sacramento now and may be here for a while!

There is a town in Italy or a city which is free of coronavirus and it happened by accident. The way it happened is that it was small enough and early enough that the doctors in the area tested all the people and then isolated anyone who was contagious but not yet symptomatic.

Within a few weeks, the coronavirus was gone, because it was not transmitted to others, and it died off in the people healthy enough to survive it.

So, I believe that the way to solve the problem will be with either universal testing or serious surveillance testing. California and other states will be locked down, I believe, until such time as we can and do do a lot of testing!

There was a woman wearing nice yoga pants on Thursday, but I do not have a photo of her! They were the pants with the heart shape printed or designed into them! If you wish, pray that God bless and protect her!

Here in Sacramento the police arrested 1 or 2 guys trying to steal things from the grocery store, yesterday!

In other news, just said hello to officer Figueroa, one of the friendly and helpful Sacramento officers who is helping to protect the grocery store!

If you wish, pray that God bless and protect him!

Oh, down here, a lot of the police wear their vests on the outside or top of their shirts. The guy says that he does this to reduce the weight of his helping items, since otherwise they would be on his belt!

I think that many of the Seattle police tend to wear their bullet-proof vests on the inside of the shirts!

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