San Diegan visit

I was in San Diego for parts of 2 days.

There is an interesting section of downtown called Little Italy.

Supposedly the beaches do not allow women to go topless or in a thong!

There is a swimwear and lingerie shop in the Little Italy called Kapreeza that sells 2 items that might be borderline forbidden in terms of wearing on the beach, but I have not read the San Diego law re indecent exposure!

I rode a bus briefly for $1.25! What a price but I did not know to bring a quarter along extra!

Berkeley seems to be mostly at peace, as usual. Today there are clouds or haze or something limiting our sunshine!

I have not noted heightened concern re my having taken some photos at the Rally Day, which is nice!

I read the Triumph of Christianity by Bart Ehrman and I began a book on successful people being outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. There is a book out called Unbelievable about a case in the past of some evil-doer who raped a woman in Seattle and then her report of rape was not believed and the evil-doer went to other areas and continued to rape.

Ehrman is an unbelieving agnostic. He and some others write on the topic of why Christianity spread and seemingly triumphed if there is no God, no miracles and no answers to prayer!

In the background on my computer there is some of the cd Revival by Selena Gomez!

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