Saturday, April 2, 2016!

I walked at Greenlake today. It was from about 5 to about 6.

At least some people do perceive the knife. One fellow on rollerblades passed by and said, “Are you ok, dude?”

I said, “I am! God bless you!”

and he continued!


There was lots of fun otherwise; one laughing smiling man and many persons waving and many photographing and a set of 3 girls who said hi!


About half way through the walk, there was a group of three girls.  We were walking in opposite directions.  As they were 5 to 10 feet past me, one of them said, “I love you, sir!”

I think it was the same set that I also encountered on the other side of the lake.  They were taking photos or so it seemed and one of them said hi!

I was browsing the online crime map today and I see that there was a call just north of downtown for “man with weapon, not a gun.”

I see that last September some officers were called to check on a fellow doing car prowling in Northgate while armed with a knife. The man does not yield to the command of the officers to drop the knife; he managed to get himself half-tasered and was still not subdued and then got himself shot several times.

It seems that we have again no calls on the crime map in reference to me today, although the roller-blade fellow and at least one other were surely aware I was carrying the sheathed knife. On Thursday I think the knife fell out of its sheath twice and I put it back and thereby the knife guaranteed itself being perceived by those who wished to perceive it, but today and Thursday (or whichever of the days it was) no one perceived brandishing or harmful intent and were happy to be unconcerned. (After Thursday, I learned that if I were to jump up and do pull ups on the rings, to put the knife on the ground in its sheath first.)

The man with the roller-blades was very inventive.

5 to 10 minutes after him, a fellow ran by and he then starting smiling and laughing and said, “Your sign is the last thing I would have expected it to say. Good!” or words to that effect. He didn’t explain, but perhaps it was the Bible verses.

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