Saturday, August 1, 2015, Denny-Blaine Park

I was at Denny-Blaine Park Saturday, Aug 1, for 10 minutes or so.  I am not sure of the exact start and end time.  I decided not to see the chiropractor based on being on the freeway at 10:40, which was too late for me to get to the office in time to see him.  I spoke with 911 at about 11:15 from  the Shell Station at E Madison.

I was at Madison Park.  I saw some group of people building a raft and chatted with them briefly about that.  I went to the lower level where the sand and water meet and I sat on a log briefly.

As I have in the past, I took some photos and in a bit I was about to take a few more.  A fellow becomes unhappy with me and threatens me, indirectly.  He is nude and puts his shorts on.  He walks over to me a few feet and grabs my left arm, which I permit with fighting or resistance. He has both hands gripping my left arm, with some degree of pressure.  He reaches for my camera a few times and also demands or requests it, which I decline.

I tend to give people a benefit of the doubt and one never knows for sure whom one is meeting at least at first.  Presumably he is an ordinary member of the public . . . conceivably he is an off-duty police person concerned I would be breaking anti-voyeurism laws while taking photos at a clothing optional beach.  Maybe, maybe not.  Given his behavior, which risked provoking self-defensive fighting, a retaliatory attack, or his being pepper-sprayed we will hope that any off-duty police officers are not so sleepy.

Anyway, I am reluctant to use force unless things are fairly clear and the man did not seem intent on hurting me.  He seemed intent on getting me out of the DB park while expressing some hostility.

He gripped my arm, manhandled me and scraped my arm against a wall or barrier.  He was nude except for shorts he had put on; I had shoes on.  He was heavier than I was, which is normal for people.  His feet were at risk for being stepped or jumped on; he was at risk for being pepper-sprayed from spray I had in my right pocket of which he was presumably unaware.

After I had been scraped against a wall and was on the 2nd of the levels and it seemed I was willing to leave, he released my left arm and I left without making more of a conflict at the time.

During my first class at the martial arts studio on Sunday the teacher and I spent a bunch of time on the situation I had faced the day before.  I have a lot to learn .  . .  First thing, the martial arts teacher would not have let the guy grip my arm, but would have begun standing, with palms outwards and with a command or statement to not touch him/me.  This martial arts teacher would not have begun in an obvious fighting stance, but perhaps with palms outward in a defensive stance.

Three things are for sure: 1) I could not have hit the martial arts teacher in his torso or head with my hand; 2) gripping the martial arts teacher’s arm as a sole method of restraint is very unsafe for an aggressor; 3) the martial arts teacher has a dozen techniques by which he could have put me on the ground.

I left the area and my cell phone was not working.  I went to a gas station on E Madison and called 911 from there.  A fellow came out and took information from me and created a police report.  He may have gone to the park after our conversation, but that is not certain.









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