Saturday, August 10, 2019

Here are a few photos from Saturday Aug 10, 2019.

I think a lifeguard on a board may have made an interesting and beautiful series!

So, are these photos that would make Cameron angry and upset? Or, does the fact that the woman dives or falls into the water and that creates and interesting story redeem the photos and make them something more than simple fun?

At times I am on youtube and I do other things than watch music videos or the stories of battles and wars and the Paycheck movie.

At times I watch people sharing accounts of their NDEs. There is one guy who says that he died temporarily and he was up with God. He says that he asked God what was the meaning of life. He says that God says it is interesting that you should ask that, for many people ask that.

God then said Go back and I will let you know when you return or words to that effect.

According to the Bible and/or Jesus the most important thing is to love God and others.

My question would be, Why would someone love God?

By the way, you should understand that it is not obvious that God loves all people or anyone in particular or that he helps anyone in particular. If God loved Judas and Hitler and Stalin before they were born, and if God knew with infallible certainty that they would go to hell, would it have been act of love for God to create them?

The thing that God has done is to have created people who read the Bible enough to ask one or two difficult questions. Oh, well, I have a minor roadblock in the way. Lets put my supposed ministry on hold for the next 40 years while God is in hiding with his answers.

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