Saturday, August 22, 2015

I walked today at Greenlake, then sat at Denny Blaine Park and then walked through Madison beach park.

At the beginning and ending of the walk at Greenlake there were different people doing slackline walking.  At the beginning, there were one or more people doing slackline walking over a short distance and at the ending, there was a fellow doing slackline walking over a long distance.  Sometimes people do the slackline walking over water, but not today!

In the middle of the walk, while walking westbound on the north side of the lake, there was a gal in what amounted to see-thru yoga pants over white thong panties.  The pants being see-thru and the white panties . . . they actually show up as such in photos.

A month or two ago I was walking at the East Greenlake beach and there was a gal in what amounted to see-thru shorts or a see-thru skirt over a thong, but I was so slow to realize what I was seeing that I did not try to take a photo while it was available 5 or 10 feet in front of me! . . .  Lots of people, including even me, don’t always look at the skirt or shorts of another to see if they are see-thru!

While heading south on the west side of the lake, there was a gal who passed me on a bicycle and whistled at me!  How nice of her!  I waved back.

My current outfit was of white thigh-highs and white mesh undies, somewhat modified to not be mesh in front with public and police slightly happier . . .  Every day that I have worn this there has been at least one strong positive and/or favorable reaction or interaction.

Is it simply a fluke or do some people appreciate the “outfit?”  I don’t know . . .  Of course, men don’t normally wear thigh-highs, but statistically over the small sample size of nearly ten, they may be–they seem to be–contributing to positive or favorable interactions.  A fluke?  I don’t know! . . .  Women choose to appreciate the outfit or me or to interact with me easily . . . at least they have done so in the last few days of walking in that “outfit.”  I’ll probably try something slightly different Sunday or in the next few days, for variety!

There were no 911 calls logged in the online crime map in reference to me . . . in fact, Greenlake itself seemed to have no calls at all in the 24 hour period when I last viewed the crime map.

At DB park there were ten or so people fully nude . . . as well as toddler in diapers playing in the sand!  I chose to not concern people with any extra concern by having a holster . . . though I have somewhat thought of holster walking around Halloween at Greenlake!

Oh, though the photos at DB park do not show it, there would have been breasts and/or hair visible at times, simply not photographed as often and with a person stationary or walking towards the viewer during the time period I was there . . .

About a holster or airsoft, the question is, Do I know enough with two weeks of martial arts class and pepper spray in my wrist to handle a fellow who wishes to grab my arm?  I don’t know . . . but he is likely to have his photo taken next time . . . and to be questioned on camera as to whether or not he is acting with the authority of the law in grabbing me . . .  Those things are probably not the favorite thing of the next hypothetical arm-grabber . . .  Since I have pepper spray at my right wrist an arm grabber might decline or release my arm.

On the way back, there was a cute gal in a short skirt sidewalk walking!

Here are some of the photos, including a guy doing slacklining!  Ha!  I learned a new word!



notice the rouching of the back of her bikini bottoms . . . showing a line as if the gluteal cleft . . .


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