Saturday, July 20, 2019, Madison Park, packed beach

The beach was packed this weekend! Is that because of the other beaches being closed, or is it normal?

I do not know!

Here are some nice photos from Madison of Saturday, July 20, 2019. I am going to guess that one of them is of a gal or girl under 18 rather than over 18. I do not know. There is no certain way to tell . . . One factor in the guess is the length of hair, but that does not make anything certain. In her case, her suit seems to leave showing a lot of breast seen from the side, but no one would pay much extra attention, unless of course, she is in fact of school age and classmates are present!

There are interesting photos from Sunday also, probably in a different post . . .

Two of the photos below are funny. One of them includes a woman with her tongue a little bit out! In another, there are the legs of person but her upper bod is obscured by some container she has with her!

I do not normally take or crop photos in a way that cuts off the head of a person. I would not regard that as polite or courteous in most situations. In the case of the photo, it happens naturally . . . and I think it is funny!

God bless you, miss!
Very nice, thanks!

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