Saturday, July 4, 2015

I was at Gas Works park for a while but not very long, starting at 1:30 or 2, I think.  After 30 minutes or so, some of the people in charge of the event asked me to not have the sign and I left the area.  I have doubts that they have the constitutional ability to make that request, cause I also suspect that Seafair that organizes the event received public money, but we shall see!

I went to Greenlake and I walked some.  Today is the first day in many years that I have walked on the fourth of July at Greenlake.  I wasn’t sure if I would want in pants and then I decided to try a set of undies I have not worn previously.  It was a red and blue side-held thong.

One fellow hugged me.

Three young ladies who were in the water had one of them who said, “Oh my God,” or something similar.

There were no calls on the online crime map related to me . . .

There was a gal sunbathing in a complete thong and I have the photo!  Later, while walking, I encountered a lifeguard with different languages on the back of her shirt and I asked about them and she let me take a photo.  I have learned that the second language on her shirt is Vietnamese, I believe!


From someone other than myself, at Greenlake, this is a bit amazing . . . This was taken a little west of the turn at the “rings.”


The word спасатель is Russian and is pronounced spasatel. It means rescuer. The Kevin Costner movie the Guardian, when in Russian, is entitled спасатель. . . Salvavidas can have several different meanings in Spanish and may include life-belt, life-jacket, life-saving and lifeguard.     Here is a link to translation for the Russian word спасатель


the same or similar photo as above, but cropped . . . greenlake gal in thong on 7/4/15!



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