Saturday, June 10, clothed walk at two protests

I walked over to the two areas of Seattle protests today. I was at City Hall around 10 or slightly before. I walked westward to 4th and then back up and around city hall and entered the area of the anti-Sharia “protest.”

Although I am suing the city on their anti-knife and anti-sword carry law I did not wear a sword or long knife. I was wearing a short knife and pepper spray but I was also acting as a normal person without provocation and it is hard to say if SPD officers gave me any extra attention. Before I went, I assumed that I did not wish extra stress from any confrontation about my wearing a sword, which I do, though rarely.

On the first walk on the sidewalk, I observed officers who were on the south-side of City Hall. There was a pair of them and one of them was the leading male front desk officer of the SPD headquarters. We kind of know each other from when I stop in at the building and we waved or traded V-signs and greeted each other and asked to make sure each of us knew each other. He was 15 or 20 feet higher than the sidewalk, though, so we did not have much of a conversation.

I returned to 5th and went north and then went westward. Police had partly blocked off the two different groups, but not fully, and anyone such as myself could enter the “city hall patio area” from an entrance on the north of city hall.

The people in the patio area of City Hall where there is at times the farmers market were speaking and listening. The man speaking was reading a message from the founder of ACT for America. Later they sang the anthem and they also thanked groups providing security.

The counter-protest group was not speaking but they were making various kinds of chaotic noise in what I assume was an attempt to drown out the speaking. It did not work, at least if you were in the patio area.

The defense of Muslims group had greater numbers and larger volume, but their noise was lost to the speaking, unless you were a half a block or more away, in which case you heard just the noise.

There were one or more Muslims in the anti-Sharia protest group and there were Jews and Christians in the defense of Muslims group.

There was a Muslim woman from Kurdistan with a guy friend holding a Kurdish flag and hoping for Kurdish independence. There were also several guys with flags of Kekistan, which is the idea of a protest against being politically correct. One of them appeared to be African American.

The patio area also included, when I was there, one person holding a sign that I assume came from the defense of Muslims protest group.

I left around 10:30 a.m. and there was no fighting or violence during that time. The noise made by the defense of Muslims was not successful.

There were several persons who seemed to have professional cameras or video equipment and were perhaps news people in the City Hall patio area.

Neither the seattlepi nor komonews nor kirotv seems to have covered the content of the message of Gabrielle Brigit, if I have her name right. Also, although I and others stopped and talked with the Muslim Kurdish woman holding the flag of Kurdistan and who was in the audience of the anti-Sharia group and is against Sharia, the news persons did not do so, at least while I was there and they do not seem to have reported on her or on the guys with Kekistan flags.

Maybe a sentence with her will be on TV, but she is not on the websites of the news groups.

At 10 o’clock there were lots of police in the vicinity and standing between the two diverging groups. I think there were between 40 and 150, but I don’t know. On one hand, you would think that the SPD could have the protests with fewer officers, but other protests have obviously become violent and these two led to some fighting later in the afternoon.

In the afternoon, I saw Wonder Woman. So, you see wonder woman and others training and doing practicing fighting with swords and knives and javelins using real weapons . . . and you assume that they would have to use wood or other practice knives and swords to train, or wonder woman and others would end up wounding or killing each other while training.

So . . .

photos will be added later!

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