Saturday, June 13, 2015

I was at Greenlake from about 2 to just before 5.  I sunbathed and then walked and then walked gathering signatures and then walked a bit more with a free hugs sign . . . and then did a bit of work and walked a bit more in clothing with the free hugs sign.  The last small bit of walking, in pants and with a free hugs sign, was around 6.

At the beginning of the time I was sunbathing, there was a guy who said to a gal in my vicinity, “Are you taking a photo of his butt?” or words to that effect.  The lady then said something to the effect of, “No, I wish to show this to a friend.”  Later, after I was getting up, she was cheerful and mildly friendly, but police did appear shortly afterwards . . .  Whether it was her who called or another I do not know.  In any case, I think she smiled and I blessed her . . . we might have seen each other later in the day while I was walking.

Just after I was done sunbathing and as I was beginning my walk, about six SPD patrol officers on bicycles zipped past.  There was a group of four of them and then a bit later two more of them.  They were present at the lake for about the next 2 or 2.5 hours.  It is possible that there were in fact 8 officers, but I am not too certain of the number, other than it appears very much there were six of them at least.  There was a call logged into the online crime map at 4:12 p.m. for a suspicious person.  I think I might even have been walking by the officers in street clothing as they had decided to log in the call  . . .  I think there were four of them together at the time.  I believe I was walking north and I think I saw one of the officers typing something into a phone or similar device.  At some point I prayed for the SPD officers that they be in a right place at the right time to stop or detect crimes.

I assume that the officers spent about two hours at the lake today either to see if they would see things that cause other persons to call, or simply to be present for the next call, if there was going to be another call, but that is a guess.

I think they probably received a call about me when I was at 65th and E Greenlake Dr N, but that the position of the call being logged in shows where the officer was at the time he put in the call.

I was hugged at least 5 times today.  The first of the hugs took place a few feet in front of and to the right of two of the officers on bicycles at the West Greenlake beach area.  Sometimes when the officers were not riding around the lake, they would stop and/or rest and/or watch at either the East Greenlake beach or the West Greenlake beach.  The hug was by a gal who was manning a booth for something called title boxing club.

She was reading the sign out loud.  I opened my arms.  She came to me and we hugged.  I thought it was nice for the mild event–police were watching for what I presume was me and a woman chooses to hug me while they are watching one of the beaches!

After my first walk I was gathering signatures and in pants . . .  On the way back from one of the sunbathing lawn areas, while gathering signatures I passed by two sets of two officers each and waved and greeted them very briefly and it seemed that they waved or acknowledged me back.

Here are some photos from the day . . . The first photo are of gals or girls on Mercer Island . . .

Images 2 and 3 are near what some would consider a thong or a narrow Brazilian.  I’d consider it somewhat impolite to walk to right to 10 feet  or so behind a gal unless she has positioned herself so that she could easily be seen from points on the walking path . . . so I didn’t try much for a photo from that position and we don’t know very much how she may appear from a more rear view  . . .  Actually, since the gal in those two images was wearing underwear rather than swimwear and since the strap or string item across the top is less than half an inch, it appears, I think people would tend to call what she was wearing a thong.  But I am not sure I know women’s panties well enough to say for sure!

There was a gal in what I believe was a tanga thong and I missed her.  She was in a group of guys and gals playing in some way, either kickball or frisbee or something.  I missed her because I thought she was included in the photo with the gal in blue!




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