Saturday, October 20, 2018, kids make my day!

So, Saturday afternoon I park in the McDonald’s parking lot for food. I usually park near the west entry doors, but on this day I parked near the east entry doors.

I enter.

There are 4 boys seated in a group and across the aisle from them are 4 girls seated in a group. I pass by. As I do, one of the boys says hey or some sort of greeting. I turn and greet him.

I go to the counter to order the food.

There are 2 additional boys seated, at this point near the drink/soda dispensing machine.

One brings out his cell phone and takes my photo and says, “You are famous.”

I say, “Thanks!”

I say, “So, you and your friends share photos of me at school?”

He says, “Yes,” or Yeah.

We trade “God bless you.”

I may have blessed the other boy of the group of 4 . . . not sure if I remember for sure.

It makes me regret not wearing some fancy pants or fancy shirt . . . which the normal person does not normally think ahead about when just going to McDonalds to get some food.

So, the other question is, If and when that happens, do I take his photo and place it on my website?

I am so sloppy I did not even have my camera with me.

It should be noted that I have had people request that I take their photo; I have had people cheer or be happy when they learned that a photo of them would be on the website . . .

But at the same time, I would not wish to make him overly uncomfortable or nervous . . .

I actually had my cell phone with me; I guess I could have used that, but in his case, I would have asked first, “Would you like to be up on my blog?” or website?

In any case, cheerful happy guy or boy or whatever you call the kids of middle school age . . . youthful teens, yutes . . .

A friend and I went walking downtown a few weeks ago and she was topfree.

We have several photos of her next to an SPD patrol car.

Perhaps I will post the story at with the model photo decoration . . .

Slightly less concerning, perhaps, than the photo of a 7th grader!

I guess one question I have is, of all these kids who know me by name or face now, how many, if any, visit my blog or their mom or dad visits my blog?  Would they learn or find anything useful or pleasing?



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