Seattle and self-defense at the courthouse

Komonews has an article up about people testifying about problems at or near the downtown king county courthouse area.

Given the comments it appears that a number of them are attack or hit and do nothing.

The article says, “Hannan Matson testified that a repeat offender punched her in the stomach last summer. She walks to work every day. She said she has witnessed it happen to other people too.”

Man hits you and walks away. . . Some might follow him at 20 or 25 feet away while doing what you can to call police or security and drawing what weapons may be needed. Be prepared for a 2nd hit if he turns and decides to be upset with you again. Do not let him get close the 2nd time!

But you folks apparently do not wish to employ basic self-defense against thugs on the sidewalks of the courthouse! Oh, well! God show Eisenberg and Lewis the right way!

You folks, or Seattle that is, seems to not believe in self-defense and I think you are reaping what you have sown!

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