Second discussion of the MTHS rape situation and Schwab

Yesterday I put out flyers on the topic of the rape spree of Krause the student at MTHS.  I received an email from a local resident and the email went like this:

To: “[email protected]” <[email protected]>
Sent: Tuesday, May 23, 2017 8:36 PM
Subject: Rape Accusations

Greg Schwab/David Zaitzeff,
As a Roosevelt HS resident I am very concerned about the recent letter about “rape” in your area.
What the hell is going on?

Here is my reply . . .

Greetings friend

I am david zaitzeff and I am on Mercer Island and I am not directly connected to either Mountlake Terrace HS or to RHS other than the fact that in times past, I have worked in areas that include both areas, and in times past, I have lived within a few miles of RHS and, at the current time, I walk at Greenlake in nearly every day with good weather and therefore have some contact with both adults and those of age younger who choose to greet me.

The fellow named Krause is currently being prosecuted and we therefore hope that his current rape spree is over for the next several years.

Krause was a student at MTHS.

The story of the actual or alleged rapes done by Krause is told in the online student newspaper of MTHS.

Greg Schwab is the principal of MTHS and soon to be some assistant administrator for the Edmonds school district, if I have read correctly.

I am not claiming or suggesting that a rapist is currently continuing to rape without law enforcement action. I am suggesting that it is poor behavior on the part of schools such as MTHS or College Place MS or Denny Middle school or others to give so little instruction on topics that would include womens self-defense–because such teaching is likely to reduce the chances that any given rape of the students would be successful.

Also, when I first read the stories of the rapes, I sent emails to both Greg Schwab and to the principal of some nearby middle school, asking them how they reconcile their student manual statements that violence of any kind is forbidden and subject to zero tolerance with violence in self-defense in cases of rape or assault being appropriate. Neither Schwab nor the other principal bothered to respond back by email.

I am not related to Schwab and I do not represent Schwab.

Schwab may be wishing that I were not bringing up the matter of how the school has handled the rapes, given that whatever the school did seem to have had next to no effect in stopping the rapes for more than a year. Moreover, the school seems to have tolerated, if it knew about this problem, harassment and bullying of the first person to accuse Krause of rape to the police, to the point that within a short time, she told police she did not wish to pursue the case. Her school-class mates were making her life miserable for her.

The email address I have for schwab is [email protected]

UPDATE: this email address for schwab is no longer functioning.  Whether that is a result of his promotion or because he does not wish to receive emails about rapes in his school is not clear.

I am an ordinary person who is not a school administrator or teacher. Schwab is a administrator who either has chosen to not respond to public inquiries about his school policies or who seems to have abstained from providing women self-defense education to his students, even to the point of not discussing pepper spray.

Schwab and his friends appear to be paid a lot of money with our tax dollars and their idea about preventing the rape of girls in schools is for the girls to let the rapists know that they have boundaries.

A lot of kids in high school and in middle school have PE classes. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that some of that time in PE could be used to discuss fighting against an attacker and to explain that there are evil-doers who will rape girls and to offer training and suggestions, including both the use of weapons and of unarmed tactics.

If you go to komonews, you will find that they have had one story up part-way through the recent rape drama in MTHS and komonews has had another story up about rapes of girls in the schools of Bainbridge Island.


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