Sedro Woolley danger awareness and active shooter training

komonews has news today that about 70 person are attending an active shooter response class at sedro-woolley city hall, this evening. The news says that the police plan to hold more classes if there is public demand and that . . .

Apparently the chief of police of the area is named Tucker or something Tucker.

The news says:

“We all don’t know what we’re going to do if we’re put in danger, but if you keep programming yourself to do all the right things in an atmosphere like a classroom and then through hands-on training, and doing all of that kind of work… you’re basically programming yourself to do the right thing,” Tucker said.

Right; imagine and perhaps practice some scenarios of danger.

David says, whether it is in a situation with an active shooter, a mugger, a bully or a rapist, lots of people fail or stumble the first time around and even the 2nd time around. Lots of people freeze up; lots of people do not resist because they do not know if they can and should and how. It takes at least a little practice and thinking to respond and maybe carrying a weapon to respond more or less wisely . . . The people who teach these classes tend to advocate that a person think ahead about 1 or more possible dangers and then say, what is my plan for that danger?


Tucker hopes to eventually transform it into something that’s taught at local schools, too, he said.

“Look around, be aware of your surroundings . . .”


I don’t think I have ever been to Sedro Woolley, but perhaps I will call or email this guy, since I believe that public schools should have such a class, or actually 2 classes: 1) danger awareness for active shooters and others; 2) rape awareness and prevention tactics, taught as “personal safety,” or something similar, if people prefer to not use the word rape in a class title or part of a class description.

If MI is at all thinking of having a class for the young ladies and victims of bullies, perhaps the chief of Sedro-Woolley or one of his staff would be open to helping create one, but it may be that he would like to start with the more general danger awareness class.

Of course, some might say, Why not put the 2 into one class? The answer is that you probably should have a shorter class for nearly everybody, once a year or at least once per 4 years, and a longer class for those who wish to learn more, for rape and bullying and mugging prevention.

Maybe the school board of Sedro Wooley will like some danger awareness and response classes and it appears that the chief himself or an aid will help produce 1 or more.


The news says that an evil-doer got into a HS on Bainbridge Island then engaged in “felony sexual assault” against 1 or perhaps 2 female students, and then engaged in fighting and assault with the SRO, and then ran off or walked off the school property, escaping for a short time and being later captured by police 1 or more blocks away.

Rape and attempted rape is sufficiently bad that those girls or young ladies who wish to learn may wish to practice disabling or hospitalizing the guy. Of course, “felony sexual assault” could mean merely “indecent liberties,” but it seems very dumb of a evil-doing guy to go to the trouble, if his intent was only “indecent liberties.”

I am not sure how a guy can successfully fight with and escape from an officer, but maybe officers are trained to be half nice and not draw a firearm very quickly . . . Who knows if the evil-doer managed to knock the officer to the ground. Very bad. : ( More wing chun or jiu jitsu practice may be needed . . .


I see doctors/naturopaths in North Seattle from time to time. My usual guy is out for a few weeks due to family emergency and I am seeing an associate. Today, among other things, we discussed my 1st visit with the MI school board, and why I believe that the girls/young ladies need to be given more and better preparation to deter or stop some attacks.

We also discussed what sort of educational qualifications and salary the principal of Mountlake Terrace High school presumably had when he told the female school newspaper reporter that he could not think of anything that could be done to prevent such rapes as took place at the school.

The doctor I saw today thinks that in order to be a principal you need to have at least a Master’s degree. We discussed whether or not it was a Master’s or PhD or just experience.

I said, I think the school board of Mountlake Terrace did not care about how the guy handled rapes taking place on the high school property or of his high school students, because, shortly after the rapes were in the news and the foolish comments of the principal were also in the student newspaper, the school board promoted the guy to be assistant superintendent for their district.

I think the school board does not bother to read the student newspaper of the high school.

Around the time that I read the news articles in the student newspaper, I emailed the principal of MTHS, with several comments and some questions. Apparently it was not matter he considered worthy of his attention; he did not reply to me at all . . . and I did not identify myself as the notorious or infamous guy of Greenlake . . . so, he was blowing off an ordinary member of the public, as best he knew, it seems.

I will email or call the Sedro Wooley police . . . and chat with an officer to see what ideas he or an officer might have about some classes.

I think, what would be good is, create 1 or 2 classes and have them recorded and put up on youtube, and then, publicize the matter by getting the press to cover them, if possible, and, with any luck, the idea, if good, will spread to other school districts.

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