short prayer request listing as of January 26, 2020

I was at Campbell church of Christ briefly and shared some prayer requests.

The more important of the prayer requests are or were as follows:

  1. for the situation with the death of the woman pedestrian in Berkeley and the escape of a bad man who killed the pedestrian and escaped with a woman reported to have been screaming in his car;
  2. for Darcy who has had some concussions with following post-concussion nausea and brain injury and other problems;
  3. for Joel the Jew of the pizza line;
  4. for David and Leslie who are or were JWs at the farmers market in this Campbell Sunday morning;
  5. for the Danish man who said that he or others do not say God bless you much cause the Danes are a country of atheists!
  6. for Anne and for Sierra who are chiropractic interns at Palmer’s student clinic!

I prayed individually and for groups for people that I believe amounted to about 30 or 35 people in the past seven days. Some people I pray for because they are pretty, smiling, nice, or who greet me with some caring way or draw my attention in some way, at times simply by smiling or looking my way. On Friday by various circumstances I ended up praying for or blessing about 5 men, which is a bit more than usual!

Usually when I pray it is for girls and women who are being pretty, fun or smiling, but it seems God has also nudged or encouraged me to also be praying for those who are sick and afflicted, and I assume that those at church like to pray for those do not know God or have confused or misleading ideas about God.

Darcy has had four concussions and she is weak and struggling in the faith, though she is attending church! She has been unhappy with or complaining or sad about her relationship with God since the 2nd or 3rd concussion.

Also, if it matters, some of you may wish to realize that the city of Berkeley seems to be lacking, in terms of persons making use of opportunities to evangelize, compared to possible opportunities and situations of evangelism. That is not something that matters to me a lot, cause I am not inclined to evangelize much . . .

But for those who think of it, there is the pizza place, the farmers market, one of the Berkeley bowls on weekends and there are even other opportunities and situations.

If a Christian was present in some of these situations and praying, I suspect that sooner or later there might be more believers.

There are similar opportunities available in Campbell, Saratoga, Santa Clara and in Sunnyvale . . .

I met on Thursday 3 different gals in Berkeley and all were very, very nice in terms of being cheerful, caring, smiling. They were Julia, Leonora and Indiana! God bless them all!

My praying for Darcy was the first time I laid hands on a person in or near the pizza line. She is or was very nice but she is also sad from her concussions, which seem to have begun with her playing soccer.

Usually I just pray silently for people or I greet them or part with them with God bless you, and do so without asking!

Berkeleyside reports that police believe that the man who fled from police and killed the woman on the sidewalk is a guy named Alexander McGee and the most recent news is that they still do not have him.

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