Should “you” pastor or be a missionary?

From time to time there are people who are thinking of becoming pastors or missionaries.  On the Net there is an occasional essay on the topic of discerning a call to the ministry.

Back in about 1998 or 1999, I was working from home making phone calls through the telephone book for some simple thing.  As I went through the white pages, there were names with a title next to them indicating that the person was a minister of some type.

I spoke with one woman who was pastoring and who had been born after her parents could not conceive a kid and they had promised that if they had a kid they would give the kid to God.

I spoke to one fellow who said he became a pastor after God and he had an argument and God won.

I also spoke with one person and when I asked how and why he became a pastor or went into the ministry, he hung up.

It seems that God calls some people to minister for him by giving them a message to share, but, if we believe the Old Testament, God is also inclined to kill, curse or destroy a number of people who don’t properly follow God’s instructions, and the ones that God will kill or curse or destroy include ones that, at least according to the story, were properly in the ministry for God or seemingly in training to be.

So, I am speaking not of a false prophet being cursed or a questionable prophet being cursed, but of people who, according to the Bible, seemingly should have been in the ministry doing something.

There are Nadab and Abihu the sons of Aaron who were consumed by God’s fire after they had, for some reason, offered strange fire on the altar.

According to I Kings 13 there was a man of God from Judah sent on a trip by God and who then disobeyed an instruction to not eat or drink in an area, and God killed him for that.

There was Gehazi the servant of Elisha who had helped in the healing of Naaman the Syrian who had had leprosy.  Gehazi was cursed with the leprosy of Naaman, the Bible says, for taking some of the money or clothing of Naaman.

The Bible says or it seems to imply that some people are spiritually blind and the verse seems to refer to persons who are Christians or who think of themselves as Christians, Revelation 3:17.  Should persons who are spiritually blind in some degree be pastoring?

I know that some people say and some believe that it is reasonable for them or others to become a minister because God has a shortage of pastors and missionaries . . .  or, at least, because God would like to have more pastors than he has.

If God had a shortage of ministers, maybe it would help to not kill and not destroy a bunch of them for not following instructions properly.  Now I am sure that God will explain that he has a good reason for killing and cursing people who seem to be in the ministry and who seem to have been put there by God, for not following God’s instructions.

There is, of course, the story of Gideon and how he and God thin down his group to a few hundred.  God had told Gideon that he had too many men and wanted fewer, Judges 7:2.

There are some people who don’t hear much from God and who do not experience God doing miracles in their lives, or what guidance or miracles there seems to be minimal and infrequent.  If the consequence from God is to be cursed by God or killed by God or removed for errors by God, for sloppy ministry or for not following God’s instructions properly, is becoming a pastor or missionary a good idea for “you?”

Does God asks for volunteers and no one raise his hand?

God may have a history of killing or cursing some of his ministers who err or do not measure up.  Maybe I misunderstand the Bible.  Maybe I have the wrong idea; I am sure that you or God will let me know.


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