side effects of benzos and the Christine Ford testimony

Christine ford now has a male friend Keith who says that he and Ford exchanged emails in June 2018 on the topic of Brett Kavanaugh being a sexual attacker.

The friend says that Christine Ford has had a fear of flying for a long time, and takes medication for it.

What medicine in particular Ford is taking for it we do not seem to know.

However, among the meds taken for anxiety are the drugs called benzodiazepines.

And benzodiazepines have side effects which impair or ruin cognition, depending on the dose or other conditions.

In doctor-speak, “confusion” includes in it a person believing or acting upon a false belief.

Below are several of the listed psychological and mental side effects of the benzos from, effects that include “memory impairment,” “confusion” and sleep disturbances.

Now, I do not believe that all of the “problems” in the conflicting testimonies arise from a false memory problem, because Christine Ford showed several instances of wilful lying or so it seems.

christine Ford was before the committee and they asked her if she had provided the therapist’s notes in whole or in part to the Washington post. Before the committee, Ford looked down, stumbled and said, she did not know.

Ford claimed she could not remember an action of meaning and significance she took less than 3 months ago.

Now, why would that be? Well, if she had provided therapist notes to a reporter then she is undoing any privacy claim or protection she might have had to the notes and she would lose a possible excuse for not providing those notes to the Senate subcommittee. If she had not provided therapist notes to the reporter then the therapist notes no longer provided corraboration for the news story, or should not have.

Was the reporter of the Washington Post taking as corraboration therapist notes that he or she had never personally examined?

When either answer is a large problem or could be some sort of problem, Ford looks down and checks the table for an answer, and, it turns out to be, no one knows, least of all the Senate subcommittee who is asking.

There are certain persons who engage in mass shooting or multiple murders and police go looking for a motive and can find no clear motive other than hypothetical possible mental illness, together with taking prescription or unprescribed mood altering drugs such as the benzos.

The other problem I wish to note, with this new revelation is that, many persons who are taking psychological or mood-altering medications for problems such as anxiety, panic attacks and phobias are in fact taking several such medications, and not simply one.

A few weeks ago, when I was with my naturopath, and we were discussing the Ford testimony, with all the psychological problems that Ford has had or says she has had, if it is true or half true, she has probably been taking some mood-altering drugs with uncertain side effects.

My ND who is liberal politically and dislikes Trump and desires a liberal majority Supreme court, said, That is just speculation.

You would think that, given the possible side effects of some anti-anxiety drugs, that the senate subcommittee would have asked, and that, in any given courtroom with such testimony someone would ask.

If it matters or helps, several of the previous posts on the topic of Ford’s testimony and memory and/or lying are found at . . .

side effects [of the benzos] include:

transient drowsiness commonly experienced during the first few days of treatment,
a feeling of depression,
loss of orientation,
sleep disturbance,
excitement, and
memory impairment.


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