some new great fun music

There are two music artists I did not now previously and who have been creating some great and fun music. There is Mabel and there is Ava Max. In one of her videos Mabel is wearing a cross. Whether or not she is a Christian, albeit racy and teasing, is not clear, but I assume we would presume so!

Some of the best of these artists are entitled God is dancer, Torn and Don’t Call me Up.

Here are the youtube versions of the music videos . . .

At times when I am at one of the nicest Berkeley coffee shops there is John and some of his friends. Last week John gave me one of his printed up flyers asking for the impeachment and removal of Trump.

John is my age or so and it seems he has just written a poem about getting rid of Trump.

So . . . one question we might ask is what causes, if any, are worth our passion?

My computer is now playing the Ava Max song. One thing nice about these songs is that, although they are not Christian worship songs, they have nice harmony and a catchy melody, at least at times!

Long ago I was walking in a gym on a treadmill and the gym was playing music and they played among others, some song by Demi Lovato. There were perhaps a handful or a dozen other songs by others before and after that song by Lovato. When I heard the song, I reacted by wondering if it was written or being sung by a Christian . . . and it turns out that Lovato has a Christian background.

Not all of Lovato’s song show the harmony in the same way . . .

To hear what I tend to regard as spiritual/Christian oriented music, but without Christian lyrics, one might try a lot of the music of Abba.

Oh, the song by Ava Max is not obviously Christian in the harmonies and melody, but it is pretty fun nevertheless.

I assume the music of Abba may be a sign that God is not completely displeased with guys who wear bell bottoms . . .

Here in Chiquitita, note the harmony and also, enjoy the smiles the singers! Though it is not only Chiquitita that has the same qualities. A lot of the Abba songs are eternal.

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