Some will be missed this Sunday

Assuming I go to church at the usual Campbell church of Christ, and if I fill out the usual prayer request listing card, it appears that I am going to miss some people for whom I would be inclined to request prayer.

Last Sunday I had a prayer request list and I felt a little bad that it did not have a lot of persons on it who did not know God or who had alien or confused conceptions of God. I would normally be happy to pray for girls and women who are being pretty or fun or in a bikini, but since I share a prayer request list at church, I thought that they would tend to like to pray for people who are lost or confused.

In the last seven days I met 6 Jehovah’s Witnesses and one Muslim girl. I also decided to pray for a dumb-dumb who threw some sticky drink at one of my car doors and left a mess.

I actually know the names of all the JWs of the past seven days, if I can remember them, which seems likely. One of them was in glitterry nail-polish which was pretty, though I am not sure if JW women tend to wear such much!

I am sure that I will be able to include the woman in the fun swimsuit at the pool of the gym on Saturday . . . Does praying for the eight persons who are lost or confused in some ways reduce my ability to remember “the girl in pink who said hi on Monday?” The girl in pink is in addition to the girl who traded, “God bless you,” with me!

I do not know . . . but the prayer request card is not of the right size for 16 individual requests and not for 15, either, I think! And praying for six different JWs is a single request on a single line of this card . . .

I also met a guy named Colin who said he could use or was happy for all the blessing or prayer others prayed for him . . .

I think if I miss some this week for inclusion on the prayer request card I will include them next week, or consider it!

Great. I have way more requests this week than will fit on my prayer request listing card, and that is not including requesting prayer for myself!

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