summary of Sakuracon!

You would not believe the great time I had!

This was my very first year at this thing I had had only a small idea what to expect. I only went because last year at there was a pretty photo or two of some gals and I figured I would go and see what photos there were to take, if any!

I went Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I did not do any events or presentations other than the last half hour of the Friday masquerade ball and the first 2 minutes of the rave.

I played in the glomp circle game every day and on Saturday and Sunday they also did carry-the-girl rather than hugs only. I actually changed the news coverage. I emailed all the local news stations about what I had learned and experienced and how certain things in their news coverage should be added or changed. By Sunday, the pi had sent a photographer–or one of them had decided to go–and she took and shared three photos of “glomp” or spin the bottle with hugging. The pi photographer took a fantastic and fun photo of a gal with a fun expression as she was being traded between two guys.

So, the general public now knows that they can come and hug or trade the girl!

I spent 1 to 2 hours each day. Other than some time playing glomp, I just walked in the public areas or the hallway and took photos or asked people if they would pose and took photos. I probably have more than 60 different poses, but also many more photos that are nearly identical.

The highlights of the photography were: 1) a gal in nothing on her thighs (and higher) other than nude hose and a 3-inch modesty strip spent a half hour or more posing for various photographers and a guy I assume is her friend in the area where photographers usually set up their lights and lighting shield things; 2) a gal with a sword posed and then posed with me with her sword at my neck; 3) one gal in a more or less colorful and more or less normal costume in mid-length created a very beautiful pose with knee bent slightly creating a lower body V shape.







Also, there was a gal sitting on a dozen steps above the hallway floor was flashing thigh on Saturday but I was hesitant about taking her photo!

Afterwards, I printed up copies of the photo with the sword at my neck. I show it to some of my friends and say, “At Sakura con, this lady was suggesting I be more careful about patting her butt!” Several people laughed or teased me about that in their way. One of them was in fact a woman Jehovah’s Witness I know at the downtown magazine racks. She laughed! One of my woman chiropractor friends took a moment to realize what the shining sliver was . . . “What is that? Is that a sword? Oh, David, you should pay more attention to the women . . .”
which in her context meant, “don’t pat the butt of the women at Sakuracon!” but is a fun thought in other ways. One of my friends at work figured the photo was so cool because he recognized the character the swordslady was portraying.

Also, I Iearned that in terms of posing and playing and taking photos, a person can visit without having bought a ticket. Just wander outside!

The other thing that was great and helpful was that it sparked an idea that helps solve a “problem.” Last year Mount Si high school shut down their unofficial hot or not contest . . . and I had wondered #1 what if anything could replace the contest in a way that would be helpful and not shut down and #2 how might I communicate this to students of a school that I do not attend and in a way that they could make use of.

At times I do public education/activism with a sign. I realized that I can suggest that those who wish to go, go to the Sakura con area in costumes or outfits and pose, and those who wish and who pose can participate or create modified versions of the other contest.

Also, after seeing the people in the costumes, I wondered what I could or should wear next year. At first I was thinking of being Dracula cause he dresses sharp. I pondered that for a while . . . and then I saw some items online that had beautiful colors or outfit. There was a red, white and black bunny christmas outfit with bowtie and there are several forms of the dallas cheerleader outfits. Although I am a guy, some people regard my butt as being cute and those outfits are both sharp and at times interesting and I assume Seattle can live with those outfits . . .

At least, next year, if I wear either of them, I assume that no one will simply ignore me or be rude when I ask if they would like to pose! I like beautiful things and the guys as guys are not nearly as good as some of the girls at being striking and beautiful–they don’t really try, I think. If they were trying, I think I would at least have seen Dracula in white, black and red or similar.


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