Sunday, 3/8/15

I sunbathed and walked at Greenlake Sunday afternoon.  I was at Greenlake from about 4 to about 5:20.

The temp was just over 60; it was cool but fine.  There were lots of people at the lake.

While sunbathing I heard laughter from a number of people.  After a bit, a kid of elementary age or younger said to a parent, “He’s naked,” or something similar.  Maybe the kid said, “He’s naked!” but I don’t know how to punctuate his sentence!  The dad said to the kid, “No, he’s not.” For sunbathing I was at my usual spot at 65th and E Greenlake Way N.

After a bit, I began to walk in my usual directions . . . east, then north, then west, then south, then east.

At slightly north and west of the boat rental building, at East Greenlake beach, there was a confession board someone had put up. People had written one sentence confessions on half-sized pieces of paper.  There were a variety of confessions written and placed on the board.  I stopped and read some.  As I was reading, a fellow asked to read my sign and he asked what was a bise.  He also asked questions about vitamin D.  He read both sides of the sign and took a photo of it and said this is important (referring to the vitamin D information) and then he took a photo me with the sign more to the side of me.

In his comments and questions to me, he did not seem to have been aware of the high %s of people in Seattle believed to be “deficient” or “insufficient” in Vitamin D.

I continued walking, headed west.  As I did so, in a bit, a gal running by said, “Where are your pants?” and then repeated her question.  I did not know if I should answer.  I tend to avoid interactions with persons who seem to be irritated. She was mostly peaceful; I don’t know to what degree she was concerned or irritated, if she was . . .

On and off for the rest of the walk and for the next few days, I wondered how I should have answered her, or if I should have spoken.  In retrospect, I think I should have smiled and waved.

Just south of the kids wading pool area, on the walking path, there is a very small bridge of 6 to 8 feet.  There were many people passing on the bridge and to avoid crowding anyone, I stopped till there was more of a gap in the people passing by.  I was on the left side of the walking path.  A fellow on the right side of the walking path saw me and then began to approach me without first indicating his intention.

I did not know if he was approaching me to complain or speak, but as he approached, he said, “I charge for mine,” referring to hugs and with a gesture of hugging.  Then I reached up to hug him and he was mildly surprised to realize I was in a thong.  He said “Oh, boy” with a grin or some expression to reflect his surprise, but my attire did not stop him and we hugged.

Back in 2014, I had one experience with a woman who saw me from behind and then expressed a desire for a hug and then she decided otherwise on realizing that I was in a thong though I thought for sure she would have realized that from her viewpoint behind me . . . but perhaps she simply was not looking, at first.  But that is very, very rare.

At the SW turn of the lake or shortly afterwards, a fellow running passed by with thumbs-up.

There was a 911 call logged on the online crime map with a time of about 5:45 p.m. with the location of Kirkwood Pl N and E Greenlake Way N.  Unlike nearly all others, this was logged as a mental call.  Whether it was in reference to me I do not yet know.  Perhaps the lady runner asking where were my pants was being a good neighbor, which would be an especially nice thing of her to have done!





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