Sunday, April 19, 2015

I sunbathed and walked at Greenlake today.

Near the beginning of the walk, a woman blew me a kiss.

I met a fellow I know from church.  We chatted a little and hugged.

Partway through I did not understand the gesture of a woman who had read a bit of the sign.  I did not know if her gesture was a gesture of offering to hug or pointing away!

There was a woman who was doing free photos.  She saw my sign and complimented or thanked me or something and we hugged.  While we were hugging a woman on the walking path said something to the effect that you shouldn’t do that; he is not wearing pants.

The woman hugging me mostly ignored her.

There were no 911 calls logged in on the online crime map in reference to me today  . . .

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