Sunday, August 23, 2015

I sat at DB park and I walked at Greenlake this day.

Yesterday the people who were clothing optional were all nude or nearly all nude . . . Today, there were a dozen guys nude and about 8 gals topless only!

When I began the walk at Greenlake I was on a city street and I walk a few blocks to Greenlake itself.  There was a gal driver in a car.  She gave me several honks and waved at me!  Almost the exact same thing happened as I was finishing the walk, but the driver was a guy and he used a single honk!

In the middle of the walk, a fellow waved at me. . .  Partway through someone whistled at me.  I think the person whistling was a guy this time!

Near the end, I encountered someone I know from a work situation.  He was running; I asked if he wished to take some photos, but he was preoccuppied with his running time.  A few minutes later I figured how to take a few photos of myself and I did so and they turned out somewhat.

At the East Greenlake beach there were two fellows sitting on a ledge who made some discouraging comments and who knew my name!  I don’t know enough to know if they were off-duty police.  In any case, I smiled and waved at them.

They had said, “No one wants to see you; no one wants to hug you.”

On the west side of the lake, there was a gal walking with a guy.  The gal had a cross tattoo and I asked if either were Christian.  We talked a little bit about their walk with God and my walk.

Near the end of the walk, there was a kid with his dad.  The kid said to the dad, “Look at that guy!”

Given the honks at the beginning and the ending of the walk, and the expression on the face of the drivers, I think he was wrong about people wishing to see me . . . and I did have one hug today, not at church.  I started thinking that maybe I should carry with me a business card of church so that, if and when someone says no one wishes to hug me, I can invite him to church, where everybody hugs!

There were no calls on the online crime map logged in in reference to me today!





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