Sunday church service and lots of prayer requests

I visited at the Campbell church of Christ as I am now doing on Sunday mornings. Today is 12/15/19.

The Campbell church of Christ has an acapella service starting at 8:30 and a worship service with instrumental instruments starting around 11:15. It now appears that I may get to say hello to one of the worship leaders, since I met and greeted his daughter! But that is farther along in this story. Please simply note that my taste in music and in worship music is very different from what this church sings to . . . People think I am dense and people think I am evil but I do have some ideas about music in church.

When we get time I will invite the young lady to invite her dad to say hello and I will request some music, which, maybe, conceivably, we could try and learn and sing.

Do not worry, no felony assaults here . . .

Anyway, I arrived as the first service, acapella, was coming to an end, just as I had done 2 week earlier.

I met and greeted a guy. We discussed sharing prayer requests and he gave me his card and I will email him my prayer requests. Among many other things, the guy says that his son was leading and organizing the Sunday morning church youth party and that they were having another one for HS youth on Saturday.

I think some of the youth at times have classes at about 10, but some classes are cancelled and replaced with parties for some groups in December!

I was here . . . I could either watch and listen to the 2 to 5 year olds sing some Christmas stories between 10 and 11 or go and visit the youth party.

However, being a guy who is 60, do I do that or do I abstain and would visiting their party be a burden? I did not know and I did not ask! Maybe next year I will ask! I will ponder that!

There was a presentation of some type by kids and their leaders of the Christmas story, kids meaning 2 to 6 years old.

Some of the women or young women at church were far more dressed up or differently, on this particular Sunday, compared to normal and even to what I noticed on the two previous Sundays. One woman was in stockings. One woman was in a lace top, but the lace was designed with an underneath so as to be not see-through. One woman is the daughter of one of the worship singers, and she is easily noticeable in an attractive way though she was also in clothing suitable for *most* churches, though she would not have been in the churches in which I was raised. BTW, I imply no concern on my part or offense taken by me.

She is now one of many friendly acquaintances! God bless her!

After the singing and performance of the young kids, there was a break and time for fellowship or mingling prior to the 2nd worship service. I greeted and chatted with Renae who has had the neck injury and then with a guy of adult age and clean-shaved and responsible appearance and then with one of the school youth who had wandered out of the youth party over to the auditorium and who joined us briefly to say hi.

The responsible adult guy is also named David. Somehow we got to talking about the various aspects of good and flaws in Berkeley and San Jose, Campbell and Cupertino.

I told him it was very nice to have strangely discovered the Monta Vista high school dance team and to have done so by means of the news stories of the principal who referred to them, allegedly, possibly, as various deleted bad words.

The guy looked pained as I summarized the news stories; we discussed if the guy was still there. I also told him that the dance team has a winter show and I had gone to the show on Friday!

We talked about the size of the trophies the dance team has and one of the trophies is huge.

I think that one of their trophies is more than half my height!

David the responsible guy asked how the show was and if the team was good and I said yes, very good!

This is kind of funny and kind of comforting. I am 60 and I am not a parent. Is the response to hearing that I visited the Winter Showcase of the Monta Vista dance team to hit me or to smile? Ha, ha. In any case, David and I are now friends and we seem to have the same attitude towards the alleged and reported or paraphrased comments of the school vice-principal . . . A bit of shock, dismay, unbelief and grief.

Around this time a girl kid of probable middle school age was near us and I asked where she had obtained her cookie. She said, “At the zone party.” I think that zone party meant the middle school and high school youth party.

How the girl-“kid” of middle school age ended up near the both of us while I had been telling the story of Monta Vista I do not know! She came to us! For what it matters, some of the parents at church live in Cupertino and in cities near Cupertino such as Sunnyvale.

Monta Vista is one of the high schools of Cupertino and the dance team of MV places well or wins in dance team competitions.

Before and during the 2nd worship service of church, I prayed for one woman and for one girl that God bless them and be good to them!

There was church service and the message part was a guy telling a story as if he had been a shepherd in Judea and heard the angel’s announcement of Jesus.

During church service I wrote on the back of the greeting card about 13 prayer requests. I requested prayer for one man, wife and kid set! I requested prayer for 4 different adult women including the cheerleader of Berkeley and for 4 actual girls! I requested prayer for the those suffering in North Korea, Iran and Saudi Arabia and for the leaders of those countries!

I requested for the Monta Vista dance team!

For some of the women and for the dance team I wrote either without God, does not know God or I wrote “of unknown spiritual condition,” meaning that it may be a good idea for the elders to pray for help for the person spiritually, as well as to bless them. If someone is nice or fun or pretty it would not be nice for them to die without God!

I requested prayer for two nice demons who have caned or whipped me!

I do not think that God minds the flashing done by the cheerleader of Berkeley but it is not clear of the gal has a knowledge of God or not. So I wrote of unknown spiritual condition near her prayer request listing!

I am not sure why I figured it would be ok to ask for prayer for persons such as the girl in pink or the girl in blue or the girl who waved! Since I included prayer requests for the people and leaders of North Korea, I presume that they cannot and will not throw the prayer request card away!

Gray and I and others had lunch together in downtown Campbell!

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