Sunday fun barre class story!

At times I go to barre class at a barre studio in West Seattle.

There are a variety of students with a variety of personalities, one of whom has teased me about walking at Greenlake, in an encouraging and good-natured way, as for example, “The sun has been out! It is almost time to walk at Greenlake!”

Today I asked if she walks or goes to Greenlake. She said she had done so in the past when she would run, but not recently. Now, at times she visits or walks at Alki and maybe another location or so nearer to West Seattle.

I said, “Last year I walked at Alki once and someone called the police on me! The officer came to see me and said, ‘Someone has called saying you are not wearing clothing, but you obviously are; there is no problem.'”

I added, “At the time I was wearing a knife on my neck. Whoever called apparently did not notice the knife, because, if the person calling 911 had told 911, ‘He has a knife.’ I think that they would have sent out several officers rather than just one.”

(Perhaps the officers would have arrived more quickly and with lights flashing but we hope without undue agitation . . .)

“Anyway, the officer was very nice and all was good.”

This friendly acquaintance from barre class thought this was a great fun and funny story! She says she wants to know what the person who called 911 had said to dispatch to persuade them to send out an officer. Now that she has asked about it I realize I can go to SPD HQ and see if I can get the call on a public records request . . . I will probably do that; she would enjoy it, I think.

Since this lady walks or runs at Alki and I don’t mind going to Alki, we are thinking of finding some days and going on the same day!

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