Sunday, July 12, 2015, Greenlake, Denny Blaine and Madison

I walked at Greenlake Sunday, 7/12/2015 and then was at Denny Blaine and walked briefly through Madison Park.

I don’t remember if I hugged others on Sunday at Greenlake . . .

There was a young miss being cute . . .  I think that there was a 911 call logged in the online crime map about me but much later than I was there.  I presume it was not of a high priority, which is a nice thought.

I visited at Denny Blaine Park and was there for 20 to 45 minutes, I think.

The ladies were slightly less nude on this Sunday in comparison to last Sunday, but one thing different was that, while I was there, kids were in the water or on the beach by the water.  On previous Sundays I had observed kids on the upper levels, but I don’t remember seeing them in the water or lowest level, but there is where they were this Sunday.  There was one there, in the water I believe, when I arrived, and two more arrived a bit later.

I walked briefly at Madison Park in clothing . . . nothing to note  .  . .


man in water at Denny Blaine


young miss at Greenlake in July




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