Sunday, July 5, 2015, Denny-Blaine and Madison Park beaches

I wrote that there are at times coincidences that happen in my life.  Some of them seem to be more obviously stranger than usual and some simply are minor and help cause some event I was not intending and perhaps not even thinking of!

I had not been to Madison Park beach previously.  Last year I took a day and I was at both Howell beach and Denny Blaine beach.  On my previous visit to Howell and to Denny Blaine, I did not know how people might react if I took photos.

On Saturday, July 4th, there was a lifeguard at Greenlake wearing a t-shirt with writing in various languages on the back of it.  I took a photo and I learned a little more about some of the words.

Near the end of the walk Sunday at Greenlake, I approached a female lifeguard thinking it was perhaps the one I had seen on Saturday.  I said hi and said I had learned a bit more about the words on the t-shirt.

The lifeguard was not the same one, but she was on loan to Greenlake from Madison Park, which she said was much bigger than East Greenlake beach.

I was driving to downtown after Greenlake and wondering what to do.  I was actually thinking of going to the gym to work out a bit and I realized I wished to go to Madison Park and see it.  I didn’t know where it was but I knew or believed it was near the Howell beach park or Denny Blaine Park.

So I drove to that area and started walking and talking to people.

I was walking on sidewalks and streets and I encountered three persons.  I asked if they knew where was Madison Park beach and they said no.  They had just come from Denny Blaine park and left because there were nudes, both men and women, there and they didn’t like it; they are from out of town.

I eventually found out that Madison park was way north and not south of where I was.

I walked to Denny Blaine.  I had my free hugs sign with me.

Denny Blaine park has two or three slightly different levels by which I mean heights of the grass or sand.  There are people on each level doing slightly different things.

First thing is that I found that you can take photos and it seems to be ok . . . second thing is that there were several quite attractive ladies present, either nude or topless.

Here is one gal who was getting out of the water and then sunbathing. . . .


There was a gal fully nude, quite attractive, sunbathing in a different area, but I did not try to get her photo.

I wish to go again!

I went to Madison Park.  I walked first in clothing and with a free hugs sign.  A man and woman couple asked me what was a bise and we talked some and I gave them my cards of walking at Greenlake.  They looked at the card and then turned it over and laughed and the guy said I had made his day!  Ha!  He was not expecting to see me nearly nude, viewed from the back!

At some point in the last 9 months I asked the Seattle parks department to send me information related emails they have received for and against nudity or semi-nudity in the parks.  I wanted to see what complaints, if any, about me were being sent to them.  The parks department person indicated that there had been about five emails in 2014 on the subject of nudity or semi-nudity in Seattle parks and that they take no action upon them.  It turned out that I was the subject of one of those complaints, but that others were about other people and one of them was from a fellow who desired some topfree recreation or groups.

One of the emails to the Seattle parks was about a man at Madison Park who wears a thong . . . and I saw him today!  I am not sure how he looks from the back, but I have a photo of him from the front!



Madison park beach man

Emails to the Seattle parks indicate that one person has complained about this fellow being at the park . . . not sure how he looks from behind!


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