Sunday, June 07, 2015

In the morning I was gathering signatures at the Komen Race for the cure at the Seattle Center.  At one point, a small group of gals and I did a photo . . . and a bit later, there were some cheerleaders dancing or playing.  As I took photos of them or noticed them, they noticed and smiled or waved.   In a bit, we did a few photos together.  Here are some of these photos . . .


I was reviewing this page this morning, Tuesday, June 16, 2015.  In retrospect, after realizing that the cheerleaders were being nice, I think I would have also asked if they wished to do two more photos, with us posing . . . one with a partial kick in which the heel comes to the ankle of the other leg . . . and then, leaning forward to do splits if possible and not if not possible . . .  It would have been fun!

Later in the day, I was at Greenlake.  I sunbathed and then walked and then gathered signatures . . . and about 90 minutes later, I did another batch of signatures and walking . . .

At Greenlake, there were are a variety of the gals in bikinis and one gal in see-thru pants with her butt showing!  At least, as best I can determine that was her “state!”  I think there is a survey cited in some article at the Huffington post that 25% of gals wear no undies while also wearing their yoga pants.  Oh, well!

Here are some of the photos in both individual and gallery form . . . Note that some in the gallery are larger and some are smaller, of what seems to be the same image.





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