Sunday, June 16, 2019, walk to Starbucks in fun pants

I have a variety of pants of different colors and shades and opacity.
I have these things that are somewhat see-through but not fully see-through.  I don’t even know if people would call these pants, tights or leggings.

Anyway, you check out the local and state law . . . and I tried these unobtrusively on a walk to Starbucks, though I was also wearing my opaque Suspicious character t-shirt.

In any case, no concern or frown or other disapproving look sent me way at Starbucks or on the way.  To realize they are partly see-through you would actually have to look or pay attention and most people, naturally do not do that very much.

Two people said hi as I was heading back to the apartment, and did so without noticing or commenting . . .
Funny . . .

though, there are the photos taken by the paparazzi of celebrities in LA or New York or in London, etc.  Lots of the so-called celebrity women wear such “pants,” if they are pants, at times . . .  Who knows what to call these things.
I do not know if there is even enough tag on this left to use to figure out the source of the pants to determine what they are called when they are sold!

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