Sunday, November 10, 2019, Oakland and Berkeley

Here are some nice photos from our area this weekend! The photos include the front of the main Berkeley library. The main library is open on Sundays and the usual library I might use is the northern library which is closed on Sundays!

The temperature in Berkeley is about 65 degrees.

In case some of you wondered if women actually do wear “short” shorts in Oakland or Berkeley with the weather in the 60s, we have an example from today! It is not in the 70s or 80s today and the photo below shows the shorts or cut-offs worn by some women here from time to time without a thought.

In other news, in the last few days I have been enjoying on youtube videos by Mabel and Ava Max. It turns out that there is an Ava Max video which is Sweet but Psycho and there are several variations of the video. I just saw one of them this morning while walking on the treadmill and it is fun and wild and the music is fun and beautiful.

Of course, I have a favorite demon in Southern California who does whipping and caning and I suppose that Ava Max can be my new 2nd favorite demon!

Oh, in California in some cities, the way that they handle the indecent exposure law is as follows. There is the state law 314 which forbids sexually oriented nudity or worse and at times snares people who are flashing or nude in some setting that seems unreasonable. Accidental nudity or harmless nudity does not get swept up in 314.

Some cities but not all then have an additional law, one which is at times a part of the disorderly conduct law. In San Diego, for example, being nude or topless in public is disorderly conduct.

In Berkeley there is a seemingly frivolous law re nudity in public places and in Santa Cruz, which is a college town, there is or seems to be no additional law re nudity in public.

At least, I am not able to find any such law for Santa Cruz, which is entirely possible, given that some cities and towns have no additional laws re nudity. And Santa Cruz being a university town it is probably more liberal than usual!

I think she was smiling or laughing a few moments later when she realized I was taking her photo! She is very pretty! God bless her! God bless you!
God bless you! Thanks!

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