Sunday’s prayer list, 01/15/20!

My prayer listing for the elders and others of Campbell Coc is or was as follows:

  1. God bless or help two JW women who were at the SC libary on Friday sharing their faith;
  2. God bless and help Elizabeth and Sabrina who are servers at the Twin Peaks of Sacramento, of unknown spiritual condition!
  3. God bless a pretty woman in jeans in Berkeley Thursday, of unknown spiritual condition!
  4. God bless a woman in fun shorts in Berkeley Thursday, of unknown spiritual condition!
  5. God bless a woman in fun pants in Berkeley Thursday of unknown spiritual condition!
  6. God bless and help the three girls or young women, one of whom smiled or waved in Berkeley on Thursday, of unknown spiritual condition!
  7. God help the Mr. Chyrchill who is related to a Christian at church and who has had heart difficulties and may be without God!
  8. God bless and help the woman in fun leggings in Starbucks this morning!

It turns out that there are fewer persons I have encountered this week who have shared with me their spiritual state and/or concerns, if any!

The two JW women attend a local Kingdom Hall and attend meetings starting at 10:30 not far from the SC library and also on Tuesday evenings. I think they said that the kingdom hall they attend is also on Homestead, just like the library. They say that there are 4 congregations which make use of the Kingdom Hall and two of them are Spanish speaking.

I think that they or others come out to the SC library about once a month and they must have other spots that at times they use! There is a KH at 2900 Homestead.

I was at the SC library for only about 90 minutes. I think that the two JW women were there from about 12 to about 4.

I hope you can forgive the fact that I met fewer persons this week who shared with me that they were atheist, Muslim or pray to Vishnu!

There was a woman at the Saratoga library who has a great smile and who responded to God bless you with a reply of the same to me or, “And you,” words to that effect. So you or we probably have a fellow Christian here in Saratoga or perhaps nearby.

Another different woman was at the library today and signed petitions and she and I know each other slightly from when I visited the Featherettes Craft Fair at the beginning of December. She did not remember that we had met but as we talked about the Wendy in Sunnyvale I realized who she was, a local author.

She has written books and articles about other books re magic and fantasy such as about Harry Potter.

The woman author is a very nice and helpful woman but I am not in a position to say she does or does not walk with God! I did not request prayer for her the first time that she and I met, but she was awfully nice and signed a stack of petitions and so I think favorably of her now!

I assume that you folks probably like the idea of knowing the spiritual condition of people for whom you are praying, but I do not always know! Sometimes I do not ask!

But, yes, I have met for the 2nd time a woman who has written 1 or 2 books on the topic of Harry Potter and she has the word Goddess as part of a title in one of her books. God bless and help “V.” I have not written her name on the elders prayer card list yet!

I sometimes wonder what God or Jesus will think several years down the road when we review my life and most of my prayer requests are for women and girls who were being pretty, fun or smiling! At least you get to have fun praying for the JWs and for the woman with Goddess in the title of a book!

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