the alleged California mental health shortage

I was walking in Berkeley today and I met a woman who was wearing a shirt that said kaiser don’t deny .org or something similar. I asked about that and then looked up the topic this afternoon.

Supposedly various states are supposed to have enacted mental health parity laws and supposedly insurance companies and HMOs are supposed to provide “mental health services,” as much as they provide physical health services.

Supposedly Kaiser Permanente has about 1 MH provider for about every 3000 patients or clients of KP and supposedly there are problems getting either initial or follow up appointments.

People have complained and the state of California fined KP $4 million dollars and supposedly there is an outside monitor to ensure KP follows through on its promises on which it previously failed.

Some people have posted their stories at one or more websites and they are blaming KP on any future deaths of theirs, etc. They have depression and/or anxiety and/or the desire to kill themselves and it is the fault of KP for not curing them of these things or the fault of KP for not scheduling a prompt appointment or a sufficient number of follow up appointments.

I have friends who are pastors and preachers . . . It is not difficult to obtain an appointment or conversation with them.

In WWII there was Dietrich Bonhoeffer and he was in prison for having knowledge of a plot to kill Hitler. The other prisoners reportedly wanted to be around him because he was cheerful and at peace.

Josh McDowell claims that a bunch of his mental health problems went away after he became a Christian.

Oh . . . well . . . I can make a guess as to why there is a mental health shortage in the city of Berkeley . . . Forgive my noticing the atheist professors of theology . . .

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