the anti-Trump anti-white ethnic cleansing in America

A white military veteran was leaving a restaurant in Charlotte where there were some BLM protests going on.

Army veteran David Palmer was beaten badly last week during the violent #BlackLivesMatter riots in Charlotte.

David was jumped by 10 men that were attacking multiple victims and looting several businesses around the Epicentre.

News found at gatewaypundit.

A man with a MAGA hat was beaten, hit, kicked and chased after leaving a restaurant in the area of a BLM protest in San Diego county. News found at

A woman with a MAGA hat was threatened on a college campus. News found at

Trump supporters were assaulted after leaving a Trump event in San Jose.

A California woman was beaten for having a Trump sign in her yard and trying to defend herself from Mexican robbers and vandals.

A white homeless man was beaten and kicked in Charlotte for being white in the area of the BLM protests.

On youtube we can see a white man in a predominantly black neighborhood carrying an All lives matter sign being assaulted, kicked and hit.

I believe that police tactics or other tactics may need to change when it comes to the response to the riots. Police tend to form a perimeter and control where the crowd is. However, police do not have officers circulating among the crowd, in at least some of the cases.

In some cases, police have even been ordered not to intervene and to stay on their perimeter. One example is the Mardi Gras riots in Seattle in 2001.

There was a large crowd and there was a perimeter of police and the police had orders not to intervene. A woman was being assaulted and a Good Samaritan named Kime tried to help her and the Good Samaritan was then beaten to death. Police orders to not intervene and/or police orders to not circulate among any given crowd mean that whites or trump supporters or merely Good Samaritans against sexual assault can and will be killed because police on the perimeter are not able or willing to stop a fistfight taking place within the crowd.

Now, some crowds are relatively peaceful and are not assaulting whites, Trump supporters or Good Samaritans. If they are peaceful, then, police should be circulating among the crowd.

In the case of the crowds which are not peaceful, police or armed civilians need to circulate among the crowd and to use force in self-defense against certain assaults . . . and other police need to be able to back up or defend the first defenders.

David Palmer was a military veteran and he was “only” beaten rather than being killed. The man in San Diego wearing the Trump hat ran away from his attackers, and because he ran away, he was not beaten or kicked further than several blows. But not everybody is going to run away. These BLM protests such as are happening in San Diego and Seattle and Charlotte need to have police presence (or armed civilians) within the crowds, so that they can stop assaults taking place against other people within the area of the crowds.

After the Good Samaritan was killed in Seattle in 2001, his family sued Seattle and Seattle admitted that setting up the perimeter and having orders to not intervene created a public safety threat. Seattle currently employs the same or similar perimeter for MayDay riots and it appears that Charlotte and other cities are employing a perimeter method of crowd control. Police on the perimeter and not on the inside of the area.

Police or armed civilians need to circulate among the crowds and to have enough weapons to defend themselves and others against assaults. Otherwise the anti-Trump or anti-white “ethnic” cleansing will continue.

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