the Berkeley God story

This is Saturday and today is about the fifth day I have spent time in Berkeley. I was at the farmers market for some of the time.

At one point there was an elderly woman moving forward with a walker and having difficulty.

I said, God bless you to her.

She said, “I am an atheist, but thank you!”

I figured she was not likely to be an atheist that long if she appreciated my blessing or praying for her!

I laughed inwardly and figured that I perhaps should ask some of the churches or pastors in the area to be praying for her!

Oh, today was also the first day on which someone replied to me God bless you or something similar when I blessed him or her.

There seems to be a relative absence of blessing people with these words here in Berkeley . . .


I have searched for Berkeley High School Bible club. The results that show up seem to be missing the word Bible.

It seems that there is no church of Christ by that name in Berkeley and no Calvary Chapel. It appears that the Assemblies of God attempted to have a church plant here but the website of the church seems to be old, not updated or completely missing, depending on if we go by the website itself or the blog which seems to not have been updated in forever.

I assume that this elderly lady does not have someone currently who greets her or prays for her much . . . Why would the Christians here be sleepy?

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