the Berkeley half Marathon and a dad flirt or something!

Today was a day on which there was a Berkeley half Marathon and 10k and 5k races! Apparently there is a company that makes biofreeze and they or some of them are in Berkeley and they sponsor a Berkeley race in the month of November!

At 7 in the morning there were a smattering of men topfree and girls and women in shorts. By noon or 1 or so, the temp was near 70 degrees!

Here are some of the fun and interesting photos.

Also, I had a fun and funny experience at Wendys at lunchtime. There was a guy and his girl who were also getting lunch. The girl appeared to be of early elementary age. Though it was around 12 there were only the 3 of us in the place, other than 1 or 2 persons who entered and did take out.

In the line to get food the dad and I had exchanged the simplest of greeting, I think. It was perhaps a single word of hi or hello or something similar.

The girl was in a t-shirt type shirt and had it “tied” at the side to show some of her midriff. I see this at times at a yoga class or barre class of adult women. I did not know that actual kids would wear their shirt this way. Where does a 1st or 2nd grader get this idea? Does her mom go to barre class or wear her t-shirt this way for yoga class in which there are guys present?

Do some of the girls of school do this and then the idea gets transmitted into the lower grades from high school? K-12 when I went to school, they did not do this, but women in barre and yoga class at times do!

Anyway, we all got food and we sat at different tables. We might have viewed each other at an angle, rather than seeing each other continually if using a direct frontal view. A few seconds later I hear a shriek from the girl and then she was happy and smiling. Her dad had “played” with her by approaching her from behind in a way that she did not expect!

Naturally, when I hear the shriek I look over at the cause of the commotion and the girl and the dad then also look back at me.

How funny!

I blessed the girl and the dad. I am still a bit puzzled as to how a girl of estimated 1st to 3rd grade gets the idea of tying her t-shirt with a front or side knot, so as to make sure that 1 to 4 inches of midriff are showing! Do some moms teach this to their girl-kids? I certainly never saw this on the kids when I was growing up and in elementary school!

I am sure that dozens of high school girls would do this type of knot on their shirt. I have not made a study of 2nd and or 3rd graders to find out what is their knowledge of knotting their t-shirts! I think that takes at least a little practice!

On her, I think it was about 2 inches of midriff. She was actually a lot more clothed than the girl I saw on the very first day I was in north Oakland, at the grocery store with her dad. I assume that people would have thought worse thoughts than usual about me, if I had had my camera and taken the photo of the kid in whatever she was in on the first day in Oakland, a few days after Labor Day!

And, no, I am pretty sure that the girl at Wendys today is not being trafficked by her dad or injured, or if she is, she shows no visible signs of harm! She seems happy and loving or trusting with her dad and so, I assume no evil, midriff or not. Maybe she goes to yoga class and there are guys and some of the women knot their shirts. I do not know! Seven years old may be a bit young for yoga or barre class!

Here are some of the fun photos of the day. One of them says Berkeley teachers against gun violence. Another is one of the folding-board signs telling the high school kids that they get a discount on their burrito. A pizza place nearby has a similar sign. The discounted burrito sign is at the corner of the high school.

God bless you!

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