the best photos of the Monta Vista dance team

It turns out that if you browse the web for some photos of the Monta Vista dance team–the one with the principal who said he wanted them to try to not look like hoes–that the most interesting few photos are up and were taken by a girl who was a senior at the school several years ago!

Now why a girl senior would have and taken photos far more interesting than a yahoo news reporter or other reporter, I do not know! Maybe the girl just had way more opportunity!

Anyway, in the photos from 2013 or so and taken by an actual girl student, yes, we see that 1) the girls of the dance team at times wear fishnet and yes, the shorts of the girls for some dancing routines probably does or probably did show some of the uh, bit or bat or b*tt. Not sure if it might be one of those things.

How and why more recent photos are not showing the bit of skin of the girls and the 2013 photos do, but here they are!

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