the Bethel church funny sign

So, after the encounter with the guy and the gal of the Church of the Valley on Monday morning I began to wonder why two possible fun or favorite churches currently seem to lack evening services on some weekday of the week!

I wondered if I should gently tease the Campbell church of Christ or the Church of the Valley to have some mid-week evening services or to suggest that I would go to their parking lot and sing on some evenings if they did not, for the next 2 months. Two months is about the time I am more likely to be in this area rather than other areas.

I decided I would abstain from suggesting to the two churches this minor thing or telling them in advance that I would show up and unexpectedly sing in their parking lots on some evenings on the theory that some others would sooner or later join me and say hi! I figured I would not bother them with my suggestion . . .

Well, I am sweet but psycho, but I was not sure if I should test the mental peace and stability of the church leadership by singing in their parking lots after dark in minor protest of the absence of mid-week evening services.

So on Monday evening I am driving back to a usual spot and I pass by a large church with a large parking lot and a large sign. I have seen this church and the parking lot and also its sign nearly a dozen times previously as it is on an important road near downtown Campbell.

The church sign of Bethel church says Wednesday evening church service and/or youth service or whatever it says.

I see the sign and wonder if that means that they discourage adults from going on Wednesday evenings and I visit the website. The website lacks a special encouragement re youth or discouragement for adults for the Wednesday evening church service.

This church, which does have its mid-week evening service, appears to be a growing or well attended Assembly of God and it may be related to the nationally and internationally known Bethel church of Redding, California.

Finally a church with a midweek service other than our favorites, the ever reliable Jehovah’s Witnesses, who of course, commonly get together for their mid-week Bible study!

The church actually seems to have 2 “campuses” which are within a few miles of each other. I assume that church attendance outgrew the size of the first church building and parking lot and so they have added the other.

So I get to ponder if and how I might visit that church. I could visit and ask people to pray!

A few seconds, while pondering all these possibilities . . . and having two churches to visit on Sunday mornings, maybe, and a church with a service for youth in the midweek on an evening . . . my tab with music on youtube has begun to play “Torn,” by Ava Max! Yes, this is probably one of the favorites of the local Assembly of God leaders!

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