the Campbell church of Christ visit!

Today is Sunday, December 1, 2019.

The weather is rainy and cold and it seems to be a convenient time to visit one or more churches. This morning I figured I might visit the local church of Christ. The churches of Christ often have people in them who have a gentle and humble Christian spirit.

The Campbell church of Christ has a website which portrays them as caring and having a desire to be praying for me or others. Moreover, it appears that the preacher reads some of the same kind of books I read and the website says that the church is for people who are kids at heart. So that is a bit funny.

The Campbell church of Christ has 2 services each Sunday morning. One is with acapella worship and the other is done with musical instruments. The acapella service starts at 8:30 and the other at 11:15.

I was not sure which I would visit but I was partly inclined to favor the acapella service, but I did not arrive at the start.

I arrived near the ending of the first service. The preacher read a part of Revelation 21 which tells of the new heaven and new earth and a time when there will be no more death, pain, crying or mourning.

I was present and without trying one of the elders greeted and chatted with me and then took prayer requests and prayed for me, if I recall correctly.

I was going to walk with him to the spot of his next responsibility and a woman approached him with a request for aid in moving some large packages of bottled water. We went to her car and he took one and I took one and we moved the water to the desired location.

The Campbell church of Christ seems to be of persons who are a bit more educated than the average person in the USA. There are 11 elders and more than half, allegedly, have graduate degrees or PhDs in various scientific fields or medicine or higher education in software. This is silicon valley and it seems to be a rich place, by comparison with other parts of the USA.

How many other churches of Christ have 5 or more elders with Masters degrees or PhDs? It is not the average church of Christ that would have so much education among their elders!

The first elder and I chatted and prayed and then I was at the coffee stand which was manned by another of the elders who also prayed for me.

I was not sure if I was going to be staying for the 2nd service, but one or both of them had said that a woman who had broken bones in her neck was going to share some of her experience.

I decided to stay. Perhaps God has helped her survive and prosper despite a bad injury! I had in fact begun to be praying for the woman with the fractured neck vertebrae about as soon as I heard of her accident and injury.

I stayed though I did not know if I would like much the music with the instruments.

I went to the back of the auditorium and sat. Several persons greeted me verbally or by smile or wave, including men, and one girl and her mom. One woman approached, greeted me and asked if I wished to sit with her or them. Whether she is single or married or with a family of relatives I do not know. I joined her at the seat next to hers.

The music was ok. It was not intolerable, which is a nice absence of harm. I even compared the situation to being offered the earplugs at the church service of a different church on Saturday evening.

The woman shared some of her experience with the injury and prayer. I think she said she has learned to lament or how to lament, among several other things.

Before or during the service I had prayed for the woman I sitting next to that God help her with her studies. After the church service itself, she went and requested prayer of the elders and returned to her seat.

I asked if she hugged in greeting and she does and we hugged. I also asked if it was ok to ask what was the prayer request she had shared, and suggested that I would also pray. She has a negative health condition of no clear diagnosis. I prayed that Jesus touch her.

I wandered a slight bit and one of the many persons to have greeted me earlier approached me again and invited me to join him and some others for lunch.

I agreed and we had brunch or lunch at a pancake place. The guy who took me to lunch is a lawyer for NASA! He has also done missionary work and trips in Russia and knew the name Vasiliy Zaitzeff! This guy knows my last name and knew it before I had got to church from being in Russia!

There were guys who brought their Bibles to church which was a nice surprise or difference in comparison with some other churches I might visit.

After the church was so nice I began to wish I had dressed up a bit more for them, though I am not sure if my idea of dressing up fits their idea! I have some shirts that are see-through and I have some white show pants! I am not sure if I can wear some of my best pants without mental chaos on their topic and I may have to find just normal pants!

Apart from the Christmas decorations and the musical instruments the church is pretty conservative!

The church has a Christian school and most of the kids are not of the church, but then, many of them end up going to the church and some of their parents also come along.

The church has events and festivals at times of various holidays, such as a festival of light on Halloween. I think that they are about to be raising some money for a mission trip to Mexico.

The church has men with Bibles in their hands . . . and bits of Christmas decorations . . .

At lunch we discussed some of our spiritual walks and at one point, he asked for the address of my blog! I said that some aspects of it were a bit irreverent and that I had questions for God and there did not seem to be good answers!

I am praying for the guy and for his wife and for their unborn child that God bless and help them in all good ways!

If any of you wish to be praying for the woman with the negative health condition whom we shall call “A,” that would be appreciated.

Men with Bibles in their hands and people who smile or greet me and a guy who takes me to lunch! Well, I wonder what grade I might tend to give this church . . . forgive me if not all churches are doing as well . . . Forgive me if I think in terms of grading churches, but this one is doing better than average!

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